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Video: Cheick Kongo vs Sergei Kharitonov – fight stopped with the sound of the bell #Bellator 265

Bellator 265 main event between two veterans of the game, Cheick Kongo and Sergei Kharitonov, was stopped just one second before the end of the second round. Referee Mike Beltran had to stop the fight the sound of the bell because of rear naked choke.

Sergei Kharitonov was dominating first round with his powerful jab to which Kongo did not had answer. Kongo was pressed against the cage on the short range where Kharitonov was able to drop him couple of times.

In the beginning of the second round we saw the sam picture, soon as the round started Kharitonov dropped Kongo again with the strong jab. Kongo is still moving with his back next to the cage.

Kongo landed two good counter knees which slowed down Kharitonov a little bit. He was still moving forward when Knogo throws short right which lands perfectly and Kharitonov is rocked with 1:35 min to go.

Kongo saw that and he took over the fight by landing barrage of punches. Kharitonov is pressed against the cage and Kongo takes him down, and continue to lands short punches. Kharitonov tried looks really rocked, not defending himself properly, which leaves a space for Kongo who now transition to a mount position with 20 seconds left to the end of the round.

Kharitonov turn his back to Kongo and finds him self in rear naked choke with 5 seconds to the end of the round. Kongo is squeezing and Kharitonov taps with the sound of the bell for the end of the round.

Official stoppage time: 4:59 by submission

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