Arkadiusz Wrzosek stops Badr Hari by spectacular high kick

Arkadiusz Wrzosek shook the world by stopping Badr Hari in a main event of Glory 78 in second round by perfect high kick. Watch highlights.

Badr Hari started the fight very good, he started attacking the body of Wrzosek which turns to be a winning combination. Wrzosek went down after a nice 1-2 combination to the body by Hari. Round was over, and body section of Wrzosek was visibly damaged.

In second round Badr continued attacking the body and Wrzosek again goes down with pain expression on his face. But he stood up and Badr continue to pressure him, he landed another good kick to the body section and started to continue with left direct when Wrzosek landed perfect high kick and Badr goes down.

Badr tries to stand up, but he was very disoriented, and he could not. Referee count down is over and fight is over.

Unreal comeback for Arkadiusz Wrzosek!

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