Video: Jorge Masvidal practice flying knee which stopped Ben Askren

Jorge Masvidal made a recored for fastest UFC KO of all times, in just 5 seconds he stopped Ben Askren with a flying knee.
At the beginning of the fight Jorge lean to the fence with his both hand behind the back faking a slow start of the fight. When the bell ringed he even took a step right and not toward to Askren, but still acting slow and then he changed pace, made a fast two steps towards Askren and shoot flying knee. Ben’s natural reaction was to go for double leg so he spread his arms to grab the legs, move his head down so he could not see flying knee which stopped him in first contact of the fight.

Yesterday, Mike Brown released video where it’s clear that Jorge was practicing this exact move.

This how it looked in the fight:

And this is the practice session:

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