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Aleksander Rakic to Thiago Santos: “it was boring to kick your ass”

Thiago Santos did not had nice words about Aleksander Rakic, he said he’s fights are boring and that he won the fight against him.

Aleksandar Rakic defeated Thiago Silva by decision at UFC 259, and he is considered as one of the most “unwanted” opponents in Light Heavyweight division. Anthony Smith called him out to get a rematch, in first match he was dominated by Rakic, but at the same time admitting that this could be his most toughest fight:

However, Thiago Santos did not had nice words about Rakic. After his victory against Johnny Walker, here is what he said about his potential fight agains Rakic:

“i do not think Rakic deserve this fight (op.a. agains Thiago), he’s fights are boring… he lied about his fight agains me, he lied… i won that fight…and i know if he is going to fight against Anthony Smith, Anthony Smith gonna beat him…”

We did not wait long for the answer from Rakic:

“You right it was boring to kick your ass, (that also happened with Johnny tonight and he is an exciting fighter) your time is past give me Prochazka or some exciting to fight”

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