Valentina Shevchenko vs Katlyn Chookagian – play by play and video highlights

Valentina Shevchenko vs Katlyn Chookagian

Round 1

Both fighters started fight slow, and in the middle of the round out of nowhere Shevchenko lands a spinning back fist but Chookagain took it well. Shevchenko landed couple of good leg kicks. MOst of the fight is in the middle of the octagon. Chookagain landed a flying knee bu it was caught by Shevchenko and she scores the takedown. Nice elbow by Shevchenko, she ends the round in dominant position

This round goes to Shevchenko.


Round 2

Big cut on above the left eye and Chookagain is visible. NIce spinning kick by Shevchenko. A lot of small exchanges in the middle of the ring, but nothing is landing.  Again spinning back kick by Shevchenko and she scores a takedown. Shevchenko kept her on the ground by the end of the round but with no real damage.


Round 3

Chookagain landed a nice kick, but Shevchenko got her down in crucifix position and that was the end of the fight.
Fight was stopped at 1:03 min of round 3 by TKO

Shevchenko defeated Chookagain and she is still the champion.



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