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Banma Duoji Dominates Walter Goncalves in Impressive MMA Debut

Banma Duoji dominates Walter Goncalves in an impressive MMA debut at ONE Fight Night 12. Read about the intense showdown and Banma’s victory in this thrilling catchweight bout.

In a thrilling catchweight bout at ONE Fight Night 12, Banma Duoji showcased his strength and skill, spoiling Walter Goncalves’ MMA debut. The event, held at the prestigious Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok, witnessed an intense showdown between the two fighters.

A Display of Skills

From the start, it was clear that Goncalves, with his Muay Thai background, had a striking advantage. He utilized his kicks from a distance, trying to keep Banma at bay. However, Banma quickly made his presence known with a powerful right hook counter to the temple, stunning Goncalves.

Banma’s Physical Dominance

Despite Goncalves’ attempts to initiate a clinch, Banma asserted his physical dominance and effortlessly took him down to the ground. While Goncalves displayed some ground game skills, Banma maintained control throughout the round. Despite a brief confusion caused by an inadvertent low blow from Banma, the Sanda specialist secured his third takedown of the round.

Round Two: Banma Strikes Back

The second round followed a similar pattern, with Banma utilizing his expertise in Sanda to land strikes before executing another successful double-leg takedown. Goncalves showcased his striking skills, landing precise combinations. However, in his enthusiasm, he overcommitted on his strikes, allowing Banma to capitalize with a well-executed duck under and take Goncalves to the ground once again. Banma ended the round in a dominant position, delivering punishing ground and pound.

Round Three: Goncalves’ Resilience

In the third round, Goncalves showed resilience by countering Banma’s takedown attempts with knees. He seemed to have figured out the timing and successfully defended several takedown attempts. However, Banma’s relentless pursuit paid off as he executed another punishing takedown and unleashed a barrage of violent strikes until the final bell.

The Victorious Finish

After three intense rounds, Banma Duoji emerged victorious via unanimous decision. With this win, ‘The Prince’ improved his record to 15-2 and notched his first victory under the ONE Championship banner.

Fight Result
Banma Duoji defeats Walter Goncalves


Banma Duoji’s dominant performance in his MMA debut against Walter Goncalves showcased his strength, skill, and relentless pursuit. Despite Goncalves’ striking advantage, Banma’s physical dominance and ground control proved to be the deciding factors in the fight. With this impressive win, Banma has made a strong statement in the ONE Championship.

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