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Bobby Green’s Gratitude: How Jeremy Horn Shaped His MMA Career

Discover how Jeremy Horn shaped Bobby Green’s MMA career. Learn about their journey and the influence of Horn’s teachings. Read more about it here.

Bobby Green’s Gratitude: How Jeremy Horn Shaped His MMA Career

Bobby Green, also known as ‘King’ Green, recently fought Tony Ferguson at the UFC 291 pay-per-view event. In a thrilling match, Green secured a victory with an arm-triangle choke submission in the final round. During the post-fight interview, Green expressed his gratitude towards Jeremy Horn, a pioneer in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), for his invaluable teachings.

The Influence of Jeremy Horn

Jeremy Horn, a former UFC fighter, played a significant role in Bobby Green’s career. Green credits Horn for teaching him the essential skills and lessons that have contributed to his success in MMA. Despite the challenges faced by fighters in the lower weight classes, Green showcased his speed and reaction time, proving that the teachings of Horn are still intact.

Bobby Green’s Tribute

During the post-fight interview, Green took the opportunity to honor Jeremy Horn. He expressed his gratitude to Horn for guiding him throughout his journey and shaping him into the fighter he is today. Green acknowledged that Horn had always emphasized the importance of adapting when speed and reactions diminish. However, Green confidently stated that he still possesses these attributes, thanks to Horn’s teachings.

Jeremy Horn: A Pioneer in MMA

Jeremy Horn is a renowned MMA fighter who has competed in various organizations, including the UFC, Pride, Pancrase, and Bellator. With an impressive record of 92 wins, 22 losses, 5 draws, and 1 no contest, Horn has faced off against some of the greatest fighters in the sport. He holds victories over notable names such as Chuck Liddell, Chael Sonnen, and Forest Griffin.

Bobby Green’s Training with Jeremy Horn

During the early stages of his MMA career, Bobby Green trained under Jeremy Horn at a training center in Salt Lake City. Green attributes his growth and development as a fighter to Horn’s guidance. The influence of Horn and the training received in Salt Lake City played a crucial role in Green’s journey to becoming a recognized MMA fighter.

Green’s Gift to Salt Lake City

Bobby Green sees his fight against Tony Ferguson as a gift to Salt Lake City and Utah. He believes that the city and its people have played a significant role in his growth as a fighter. Green’s exceptional performance in the fight was his way of expressing gratitude to the city that supported him.

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Fight Results
Bobby Green def. Tony Ferguson via submission (arm-triangle choke)