Nate Diaz Surrenders to New Orleans Police Following Felony Battery Charge

Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz, former UFC star, turned himself in to the New Orleans police on Thursday morning after a video surfaced of him choking a man into unconsciousness during a street brawl on Bourbon Street on Friday, April 21st. Diaz was in New Orleans to support his teammate Chris Avila at a Misfits Boxing event, MF & DAZN X Series 6. Avila won his fight against Paul Bamba via unanimous decision.

Following the event, Diaz was involved in a street brawl where he choked Rodney Peterson Jr., who subsequently pressed charges for second-degree battery against Diaz. Peterson is known for being a Logan Paul lookalike. The New Orleans Police Department issued an arrest warrant for Diaz on Monday, April 24th.

With his attorney present, Diaz turned himself in early on Thursday and was booked, remaining in custody at the Orleans Parish Justice Centre for a few hours before being released after posting a $10,000 bond. Zach Rosenfield, Diaz’s representative, offered a statement saying, “Nate voluntarily turned himself in to the New Orleans Police Department this morning approximately at 7:10 AM CT. We continue to look forward to presenting all the evidence and videos that show Nate was acting in self-defense.”

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The charges against Diaz are serious. If found guilty, he could face up to eight years in prison and/or a $2,000 fine. Diaz’s legal troubles have also cast a shadow of doubt over his upcoming boxing debut against Jake Paul, scheduled for August 5th in Dallas, Texas.

There is some uncertainty surrounding the bout’s future as a result of Diaz’s current legal predicament. However, Diaz’s team insists that he acted in self-defense and is not at fault for the alleged assault. Diaz’s surrender to the police shows that he is taking the charges against him seriously and is willing to cooperate with the authorities to clear his name.

The incident has drawn attention to the issue of street brawls and violence, particularly in the context of combat sports. Many fans and observers have expressed concerns about the dangers of fighters engaging in street fights, which could put themselves and others at risk. Diaz’s case highlights the importance of controlling one’s temper and avoiding physical altercations, especially when representing the sport.

This incident also underscores the need for athletes to maintain a positive image and avoid negative publicity. Diaz, who has had a controversial career marked by drug suspensions and other issues, will need to navigate this latest setback carefully to avoid damaging his reputation and career further.

Nate Diaz’s surrender to the police following a felony battery charge highlights the dangers of street brawls and the need for fighters to control their tempers and avoid physical altercations. Diaz’s legal troubles also cast doubt on his upcoming boxing debut against Jake Paul. Diaz’s team insists that he acted in self-defense and will present evidence to support their claim. Diaz’s case serves as a reminder to athletes to maintain a positive image and avoid negative publicity that could harm their career.

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