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Michael Chiesa Reflects on Recent Loss and Vows to Bounce Back

Michael Chiesa reflects on his recent loss in UFC 291 and vows to bounce back. Despite criticism, Chiesa remains determined to prove himself in the octagon.

Michael Chiesa, the UFC fighter known as ‘Maverick’, recently suffered a disappointing loss in UFC 291. Despite the setback, Chiesa remains determined to overcome his challenges and prove himself in the octagon .

In his welterweight bout against Kevin Holland, Chiesa fell victim to a first-round d’arce choke, resulting in his third consecutive defeat. The 35-year-old fighter expressed his frustration and disappointment in a recent episode of his UFC Round Up podcast.

Chiesa admitted that he allowed certain doubts and fears to affect his performance, stating, ‘I fought a little scared. I was a little gunshy, and you can’t be gunshy in this game. You’ve got to go out there and be confident in your skills, and I just didn’t execute the way that I was supposed to.’

Despite the criticism he has faced from MMA fans and the community, Chiesa remains resolute in his determination to continue fighting. He plans to lean on the support of his friends and family as he works towards his comeback.

This recent loss marks Chiesa’s first appearance in the octagon since November 2021, when he suffered a unanimous decision loss to Sean Brady. With an 18-7 record, Chiesa is now facing the longest losing streak of his career.

However, Chiesa is not ready to throw in the towel just yet. He aims to return to the octagon by the end of 2023 and prove to himself and his critics that he still has what it takes to succeed.

‘MMA fans are coming at me from all different directions, saying I should retire and I should be done, be a broadcaster now,’ Chiesa shared. ‘There’s just so many things that people are saying, but it’s just gonna sweeten the pot because I’m not done. I just didn’t show up on fight night.’

Chiesa concluded by assuring his fans that he will not overstay his welcome in the sport but emphasized that he still has more to prove to himself.


Key Points
Michael Chiesa suffered a third consecutive defeat in UFC 291 against Kevin Holland.
Chiesa admits to fighting with fear and lacking confidence in his skills.
Despite criticism, Chiesa remains determined to continue fighting and plans to return by the end of 2023.