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Intense Battle for Inaugural BKFC Flyweight Title: Dodson vs. Ridge

Witness the intense battle for the inaugural BKFC flyweight title between John Dodson and JR Ridge. Check out the thrilling results of BKFC 48 and experience the raw talent of these bare-knuckle fighters.

The Tingley Coliseum in Albuquerque, N.M., was the stage for an electrifying night of bare-knuckle fighting as MMA veteran John Dodson faced off against JR Ridge for the inaugural BKFC flyweight title. The event also featured influencer Bryce Hall making his BKFC debut in a welterweight clash against Gee Perez. Let’s dive into the thrilling results of BKFC 48.

Main Card

The main card, which aired on the BKFC app at 8 p.m. ET, showcased some of the most intense battles of the night. In the highly anticipated main event, John Dodson and JR Ridge went head-to-head in a fierce showdown for the flyweight title. Both fighters displayed incredible skill and determination, leaving the crowd on the edge of their seats.

In the co-main event, social media sensation Bryce Hall stepped into the BKFC ring for the first time, taking on the experienced Gee Perez in a welterweight bout. Hall proved that he was more than just an influencer, delivering a powerful performance that impressed both fans and critics alike.

Other notable fights on the main card included Keith Richardson vs. Derek Perez, Joshua Moreno vs. Jeremy Sauceda, Will Santiago vs. Jeremie Holloway, Eric Dodson vs. Robert Armas, Donald Sanchez vs. Anthony Lacaze, Sydney Smith vs. Melanie Shah, and Marc Entenberg vs. Darrick Gates. Each bout showcased the raw talent and determination of the fighters, making for an unforgettable night of bare-knuckle action.


Prior to the main card, the prelims took place on YouTube at 7 p.m. ET. Richard Montano faced off against Kyle McElroy in a thrilling matchup, while Anthony Sanchez went head-to-head with Gene Perez. Austin Lewis and Justyn Martinez also squared off in an intense battle.

BKFC 48 Results

Fight Winner
John Dodson vs. JR Ridge TBD
Gee Perez vs. Bryce Hall TBD
Keith Richardson vs. Derek Perez TBD
Joshua Moreno vs. Jeremy Sauceda TBD
Will Santiago vs. Jeremie Holloway TBD
Eric Dodson vs. Robert Armas TBD
Donald Sanchez vs. Anthony Lacaze TBD
Sydney Smith vs. Melanie Shah TBD
Marc Entenberg vs. Darrick Gates TBD
Richard Montano vs. Kyle McElroy TBD
Anthony Sanchez vs. Gene Perez TBD
Austin Lewis vs. Justyn Martinez TBD

Stay tuned for the official results of BKFC 48 and witness the thrilling battles that unfolded in the Tingley Coliseum.