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UFC 300 Sets New Records and Breaks Barriers

UFC 300: PEREIRA vs. HILL made history with record-breaking gate revenue, attendance, viewership, merchandise sales, global partnerships, Pay Per View sales, and social media impact. Discover the groundbreaking achievements of this extraordinary event.

UFC 300 Records
Gate Revenue: $16.5 million
Attendance: 20,067 spectators
Viewership: 2.49 million peak viewers
Merchandise Sales: Highest ever for a UFC arena event
Global Partnerships: Highest-grossing sponsorship sales
Commercial Pay Per View Sales: Topped charts in multiple regions
Social Media Impact: Over 1.1 billion video views

UFC 300 shattered records and redefined sports entertainment, demonstrating the global popularity of mixed martial arts and UFC’s ability to captivate audiences both onsite and online.

UFC 300: A Groundbreaking Event

The recently concluded UFC 300: PEREIRA vs. HILL, held at the iconic T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, has etched its name in the annals of Ultimate Fighting Championship history. This extraordinary event, organized by TKO Group Holdings (NYSE: TKO), not only shattered previous records but also redefined the landscape of sports entertainment.

Unprecedented Achievements

The remarkable success of UFC 300 can be attributed to its groundbreaking achievements across various aspects:

Gate Revenue

UFC 300 amassed an astonishing $16.5 million in gate receipts, securing its position as the third highest-grossing UFC event ever.


A record-breaking crowd of 20,067 spectators witnessed the electrifying fights at T-Mobile Arena, making it the largest audience ever for a UFC event at this venue. This marked UFC’s sixth consecutive sellout in 2024 and the eleventh straight sellout since October 2023.


The UFC 300 preliminaries captivated audiences worldwide, garnering the highest viewership for Pay Per View Prelims in UFC history. The event achieved a peak viewership of 2.49 million at 9:48 PM ET, just moments before the main card commenced on ESPN+.

Merchandise Sales

UFC 300 witnessed an unprecedented surge in merchandise sales, setting a new record for the highest merchandising revenue generated at a UFC arena event. This remarkable feat places it second only to UFC 193: ROUSEY vs. HOLM in terms of overall merchandise sales.

Global Partnerships

The event also secured a new milestone by achieving the highest-grossing sponsorship sales ever recorded for a UFC event. All available sponsorship slots were sold out, reflecting the immense popularity and commercial appeal of UFC 300.

Commercial Pay Per View Sales

UFC 300 dominated the Pay Per View charts in the United States, Canada, and Australia, boasting the highest buy rates since 2021. This exceptional performance solidifies its status as a standout event across multiple regions.

Social Media Impact

UFC 300 made waves on social media, becoming the most talked-about and widely shared event in UFC history. The fight week witnessed an astounding 1.1 billion video views, with viral clips like Max Holloway’s knockout of Justin Gaethje taking the internet by storm.

A New Era for Sports Entertainment

UFC 300 not only showcased the global appeal of mixed martial arts but also exemplified UFC’s ability to captivate massive audiences both in person and online. This groundbreaking event has set a new standard for sports entertainment, leaving an indelible mark on the world of combat sports.