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Bellator 227 Benson Henderson vs Myles Jury – play by play

In the main event of Bellator 227 held in Dublin, Benson Henderson was a better fighter against Myles Jury. Here is play by play commentary.

Round one

Benson came out swinging from the first second, he trow couple of 1-2 combination but Jury’s excellent movement stopped those attacks. Bensons started to to switching stances trying to find best range for him, but Jury answered with a high kick and miss. Jury landed couple of leg kicks and Henderson Answered on same way. First round was stand up fighting round, and looks like Henderson was able to be more dominant fighter.


Round 2
Still stand up fight, no attempts to move the fight to the ground from either fighter. Henderson looked faster and stronger in exchanges, he also landed couple of string leg kicks.


Round 3
Henderson opened round with couple of leg kicks, he saw in round 2 that they are working. Jury answered with straight punches.

Jury is also landing couple of leg kicks, but Benson is mixing a lot of different combination, body kicks, leg kicks, spinning fists high kicks…
Henderson throw a high kick, Jury blocks it but  he slips and fell down. Jury jumped on him but Henderson was able to get up immediately. Jury was mostly focused on counter attacks, but now at the end of the last round he is creating pressure on Benson landing some good hooks, obviously aware that he is behind on judges scores.
Fight ends with Benson on back foot, but is it going to be enough for Jury?

Official decision:
Benson Henderson defeated Myles Jury 30-27,30-27,30-27