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Bellator 271 Cyborg vs Kavanagh – play by play & video Highlights

Main event of Bellator 271 Cyborg(36) vs Kavanagh(35) live play by play.

Both fighters are in the cage, and we are about to start the main event.

referee: Jason Herzog

Round 1

Cyborg starting with preassure from the very start, She have Kanavanagh against the cage already and landing barage of hand strikes on her.
Kavanagh was able to hold her and stop the striking.

They are back to the middle of the cage but Cyborg is putting more pressure again.
Kanavanagh is again against the cage but she was able ti slip and lands nice 1-2 combination but Cyborg counter with strong right and Kanavanagh is down.
Cyborg jumped on her landed 1-2 more strikes and referee Jason Herzog stopped the fight at 1:32 seconds in round 1.