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Bellator 298 Weigh-Ins: Avsaragova Misses Weight Again, Exciting Fights Set for Tomorrow Night

Get ready for Bellator 298 with an exciting lineup of fights. Diana Avsaragova misses weight again, while other fighters successfully make weight. Check out the highlights and get ready for an action-packed night of fights!

Bellator 298 Weigh-Ins: Avsaragova Misses Weight Again

Bellator 298 is set to take place tomorrow night, promising an exciting lineup of fights for fans. Earlier today, the weigh-ins were held, with all fighters successfully making weight except for Diana Avsaragova. The unbeaten women’s flyweight missed weight for her bout against Justine Kish, coming in at 127.2lbs. This is the second time Avsaragova has missed weight, which may have consequences for her fight purse. However, the rest of the fighters, including the headliners, made weight for their respective bouts.

Prelims Highlights

In the prelims portion, Avsaragova’s weight issue stood out. She exceeded the flyweight title fight limit by 2.2lbs and the non-title fight limit by 1.2lbs. This is undoubtedly disappointing for the promotion, as Avsaragova’s inability to make weight could affect her future opportunities. On the other hand, Justine Kish successfully made weight and is ready for the fight.

Main Card Weigh-Ins

Moving on to the main card, the featherweight headliners, Lucas Brennan and Weber Almeida, both made weight. Brennan weighed in at 145.4lbs, while Almeida weighed in at 145lbs. This sets the stage for an intense clash between these two fighters. In the middleweight division, Dalton Rosta and Aaron Jeffery weighed in at 185.6lbs and 185.4lbs respectively. Their bout is highly anticipated, with potential implications for the winner in the middleweight landscape.

Co-Main Event Clash

The co-main event features former interim heavyweight champion Valentin Moldavsky and Steve Mowry. Moldavsky weighed in at 233.8lbs, giving up a slight size advantage to Mowry, who weighed in at 254.2lbs. These two heavyweights previously faced each other at Bellator 284, but the fight ended in a no-contest due to an accidental eye poke. Fans can expect an intense rematch between these two fighters.

Main Event Showdown

The main event will see former interim welterweight champion Logan Storley take on Brennan Ward. Storley weighed in at 170.6lbs, while Ward weighed in at 171lbs. Both fighters are ready to put on a show and vie for victory in this highly anticipated matchup.

With the weigh-ins complete, Bellator 298 is all set to deliver an action-packed night of fights. Fans can expect thrilling matchups and potential turning points in various divisions. Stay tuned for tomorrow night’s event!