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Fedor Emelianenko’s Retirement Fight: A Rollercoaster Journey to the Last Bell

Read about Fedor Emelianenko’s retirement fight and the challenges he faced leading up to it. Discover his plans for the future and his desire to compete in boxing. Explore the rollercoaster journey of one of MMA’s greatest fighters.

Fedor Emelianenko, also known as ‘The Last Emperor,’ recently had his retirement fight, and it didn’t go as planned. Despite the disappointing outcome, Emelianenko revealed that the lead-up to the fight was filled with challenges and setbacks. In this article, we delve into the rollercoaster journey that led to Emelianenko’s final fight and his plans for the future.

Emelianenko faced Ryan Bader for the Bellator heavyweight title at Bellator 290 in February. Unfortunately, the fight ended in defeat for Emelianenko, with Bader stopping him in the first round. This loss marked the end of a remarkable career for one of MMA’s greatest fighters.

Emelianenko admitted that the entire camp leading up to the fight was plagued with difficulties. He explained that he didn’t dwell on the fight itself because of the numerous obstacles he faced during his preparation. The pandemic played a significant role, as the fight was originally scheduled before the pandemic hit. Due to the ever-changing circumstances, Emelianenko had to deal with constant time changes and uncertainty about the fight’s location. Additionally, he suffered from various injuries during this period, further complicating his training.

Despite these setbacks, Emelianenko is widely recognized as one of the best fighters in MMA history. His dominance as the Pride FC heavyweight champion in the 2010s solidified his legacy. After Pride FC was absorbed by the UFC, Emelianenko competed in different promotions before ultimately joining Bellator for the last six years of his career.

Originally, Emelianenko’s retirement fight was planned to take place in Russia in 2022. However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the fight was postponed. This delay caused additional issues during Emelianenko’s preparation. He contracted COVID-19 and the flu consecutively, which hindered his training. Furthermore, a hernia emerged when he resumed training, and he had to travel to Bahrain to obtain a visa, resulting in further time lost.

Even in the final days leading up to the fight, Emelianenko encountered bizarre incidents. When he received his gloves, he discovered that there were two left gloves instead of a pair. These small mishaps added to the overall challenges he faced throughout his camp.

Despite the difficulties, Emelianenko has come to terms with his retirement fight and has set his sights on a new endeavor: boxing. He expressed his desire to compete against boxing legend Mike Tyson. While Emelianenko’s last fight in the cage may not have gone as planned, he cherishes the moment when Scott Coker, the president of Bellator, arranged for a gathering of MMA legends to honor him after Bellator 290.

In conclusion, Fedor Emelianenko’s retirement fight was a tumultuous journey filled with obstacles and setbacks. Despite the disappointing outcome, Emelianenko remains grateful for the support and camaraderie shown by his fellow fighters. As he embarks on a new chapter in boxing, his legacy as one of the greatest heavyweight fighters in MMA history will undoubtedly endure.

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Ryan Bader def. Fedor Emelianenko