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Leandro Higo Dominates James Gallagher in Bellator Champions Series: Belfast

Discover how Leandro Higo dominated James Gallagher in a thrilling battle at the Bellator Champions Series: Belfast. Get all the details and results from the event here.

Leandro Higo delivered a dominant performance against James Gallagher at Bellator Champions Series: Belfast, securing a unanimous decision win. The fight was closely contested until Higo’s strong third round, where he took control and outperformed Gallagher. Higo’s victory marks his second consecutive win, while Gallagher faced a setback after his previous split decision win. The event also featured exciting matchups with notable wins by Manoel Sousa, Ciaran Clarke, and others.

Leandro Higo Secures Victory Over James Gallagher

Leandro Higo showcased his dominance in a thrilling battle against James Gallagher at the Bellator Champions Series: Belfast. Higo’s strong third-round performance led to a unanimous decision win over Gallagher. The fight was evenly matched until Higo pulled away late, securing the victory with a 29-28 score from all three judges. The intense showdown saw Higo landing significant strikes and controlling Gallagher on the mat, ultimately sealing his win. Gallagher put up a tough fight but couldn’t match Higo’s relentless pace and precision. The event also featured other exciting matchups, including Manoel Sousa’s knockout victory over Tim Wilde and Ciaran Clarke’s submission win against Darius Mafi. For more details on the event, check out MMA Junkie’s event page for Bellator Champions Series: Belfast.