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Lyoto Machida moves to Bellator


Lyoto Machida moves to Bellator. This news has been confirmed by Lyoto himself and Bellator s well. Last night Machida posted video on his instagram profile sharing where he explained why he moved to Bellator.

Here is what he said:


Hello everyone, I’m here to announce a great change in my career. My contract with UFC has finished, and I’m going to a new house: Bellator, which is a great MMA event that has been growing a lot here in the United States. I’m very grateful for everything that happened with me in the UFC. I’m very happy with everything I lived. I believe that everything in our lives is made of periods. All that comes is great and all that goes is also great. We have to be open to new changes, new challenges. This is how I think. My best regards to all of you, and I wish you keep on supporting me, because everytime I fight and everytime I practice, I do my best for all of you.