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Michael Page vs Shinsho Anzai – play by play & video highlights

Michael “Venom” Page (16-1-0) vs Shinsho “The Animal” Anzai (11-3-0) took place at Bellator 237, December 28, 2019 in Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Japan, Japan. Here you can follow play by play events and video highlights.


Shinsho is coming to the cage wearing sunglasses, looking very confident. He won his 9 out of 11 last fights.

Michae Venom Page is entering the arena, making performance on his way to cage.


Fight is about the start


Round 1

Fight started and MVP took the center of the cage. Nice left jab by MVP.
MVP throw flying knee but Anzai slip and tried to took MVP down but without success. Anzai rush in and lands nice right hand. MVP tries another flying knee but it did not landed correctly.
MVP fake the flying the knee but landed nice right hand.
MVP lands perfect one-two and Anzai goes down but quickly get up.
Anzai is bleeding from left eye.

Anzai rushed in again misses the right hook, MVP counter with flying knee and Anzai fell down again. MVP walked away but Anzai got up.
MVP is performing in the cage, Anzai is on his heels trying to defend himself.. and round ends.

Dominant performance by MVP.


Round 2

It is all over! Anzai rushed in, MVP created just enough place to land a right hand and down goes Anzai.

Fight officially finished in round 2, 0:23