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Phil Davis vs Yoel Romero – play by play

Main event if Bellator 266 is about to start, Yoel Romero will have his debut against former Bellator chamption Phil Davis.

Round 1

Both fighter are in the centar of the cage carefully exchanging jabs and faints. There is a lot mutual respect, and both fighter carefully picking their moves.
Davis looking more loose and currently he is landing more shots, but those all are kind of light shots just to see the reactions from Romero.

Davis is nicely mixing ow kicks and jabs, while Romero is waiting to land one of his power punches and round is over.

Cage news scoring: 10:9 Davis

Round 2

Davis landed nice 1-2, but Romero is counter with overhand left. Davis did it again, but this time looks like Romero’s counter punch partially landed. Davis repeated same combination again, and Romero answered same, with strong left, right hook and this time they landed. Davis shots for takedown but it is stopped by Romero.

Romero is more active this round, hi landed nice low kick. Davis response with couple law kicks as well followed with 1-2 which landed clean on Romero chin. Davis lands again nice left jab followed by right over hook and he takes down Romero and round is over.

Cage news scoring: 10:9 Davis

Round 3

Romero opened the round more active, he is fainting and starting to put some pressure on Davis. Davis responded with another takedown. Looked like Romero stopped it for a moment but Davis puts him down. Yoel manage to stand up but Davis puts him down again. Big moment for Davis. Yoel looks tired, and it will be hard for him to stand up… but he explode and manage to stand up – amazing move by Romero in round 3.

But Davis is still holding him against the cage and puts him down again.

Romero manage to stand up again, but immediately Davis puts him down again, string statement by Davis.

Davis is controlling the fight… no strong ground and pound but Romero managed to stand up again… Davis still controlling the fight, Romero is with his back to the cage…. and fight is over

Cage news prediction: Davis 10:8

Official decision:
30-27 Davis
29-28 Romero
30-26 Davis
Winner by split decision: Phil Davis