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Anthony Joshua – undisputed two times world champion

Anthony Joshua made it. He did it again. Focused, disciplined, perfectly executing game plan for 12 rounds he tactically defeated Andy Ruiz and became a world champion again.

The tactic from Joshua side was to fight at a distance, and do not let him self in crazy exchanges with Ruiz. Joshua was moving, boxing and clinching when needed, he was using the strategy “stick and move” for full 12 rounds. And looks like that his weight could gave us already a hint before the match was started, Joshua got into a fight much lighter than in previous one.


After the fight, Ruiz called for 3rd fight and looks like Joshua has nothing against that, but boxing world was a waiting for a long time firs of all to have couple heavyweights in the mix, and second of all to see them fighting each other. Many people would look like to see Joshua vs Wilder or Joshua vs Fury in 2020 to finally find out who was the best heavyweight boxer of our time.