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Claressa Shields and Savannah Marshall: A Rematch in the Octagon?

Will Claressa Shields and Savannah Marshall have a rematch in the octagon? Find out about their unexpected encounter and the fans’ reactions in this article.

A recent video clip featuring Claressa Shields and Savannah Marshall has sparked excitement among fans. The clip shows the two boxing champions, known for their battles in the squared circle, engaging in a friendly prank inside an octagon. This unexpected sight has left fans wondering if the octagon could be the setting for a rematch between the two fighters.

Last year, Shields and Marshall faced off on October 15, with Shields emerging as the undisputed champion. Given Shields’ experience as a mixed martial artist, her presence in a different setting shouldn’t come as a surprise. Fans have expressed a range of emotions in response to the news of the ‘Silent Assassin’ joining PFL.

Savannah Marshall’s Grappling Skills

While Shields’ background in mixed martial arts is well-known, fans are curious about Savannah Marshall’s grappling skills. Over 23 thousand people have shown their appreciation for the clip, but many also hope to see the two fighters become friends, given their congenial exchanges.

Marlon Norman, a fan, pleaded with Shields to avoid a rematch with Marshall, fearing a similar outcome to their previous bout. Instead, Norman suggests that Shields focus on fighting Shadasia Green, a boxer from New Jersey. Philip B took the opportunity to poke fun at Marshall, commenting on her slow reaction in the octagon.

On the other hand, Lou Lou and Olayiwola Olubando expressed their desire for Shields and Marshall to become close friends. Lou Lou believes the two have good chemistry and hopes they develop a strong sisterhood. Olubando even suggests the possibility of a TV show partnership between the two fighters.

Fans’ Reactions

Diva Richards, an excited fan, predicts that things are about to get intense and expresses her excitement to witness it. Donnell Pendleton, while acknowledging Shields’ incredible skills, comments on her physical transformation, noting that she has bulked up.

Current Status

As of now, Shields holds a single win in mixed martial arts, along with a decision-based loss. In boxing, she recently defended her undisputed Middleweight title against Maricela Cornejo. Marshall, who previously held the WBO Middleweight title, is now the undisputed Super Middleweight champion after defeating Franchon Crews-Dezum. She is expected to face Shadasia Green, the mandatory challenger for her WBC belt.

Fighters Result
Claressa Shields Undisputed Middleweight Champion
Savannah Marshall Undisputed Super Middleweight Champion

In conclusion, the unexpected clip of Shields and Marshall in the octagon has sparked speculation about a potential rematch. While fans are eager to see them face off again, many also hope for a strong friendship to develop between the two fighters.