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Claressa Shields Challenges Jake Paul to a Boxing Match

Claressa Shields challenges Jake Paul to a boxing match, confident in her abilities to defeat the YouTube sensation. Read more about their potential matchup.

Claressa Shields, the two-time Olympic gold medalist boxer, believes she would be a formidable opponent for Jake Paul inside the squared circle. Despite Paul’s recent victory over Nate Diaz, Shields remains unimpressed and is eager to face off against the YouTube sensation.

Shields, who boasts an undefeated record of 14-0 and is a multi-weight champion, has been closely following the Paul project since its inception. She dismisses Diaz as a legitimate challenge for Paul, emphasizing that Diaz’s background is in MMA rather than boxing.

"I would really fight Jake Paul in a fight, honestly," Shields expressed to TMZ Sports. "I would win and he knows that. He knows that. Jake Paul listen, Nate Diaz is not a real boxer. He’s an MMA fighter, he’s not a boxer. So him getting in there and not being able to use his chokes, his feet, his slams, his jiu-jitsu, gave Jake Paul a huge advantage. I mean, he just knocked Nate Diaz down he didn’t beat the mess out of Nate Diaz. Honestly, like, he had a real fight against Tommy Fury [and lost]. Jake Paul, he lands punches on guys with really bad defense and he wouldn’t be able to do that with me. I’m sorry, I have too much experience for him."

While both primarily boxers, it is worth noting that Paul and Shields are also signed to the Professional Fighters League (PFL) as MMA fighters. Although Paul has yet to make his debut in the sport, Shields has already competed twice inside the "smartcage" and recently re-signed with the promotion. Fans can expect to see her back in action in 2024.

Fight Results

Fighter Result
Jake Paul Win
Nate Diaz Loss

In summary, Claressa Shields is confident in her abilities and believes she would defeat Jake Paul in a boxing match. She criticizes Paul’s opponents for their lack of boxing skills and asserts that her experience would give her the upper hand. As both fighters are signed to the PFL, it will be interesting to see if this potential matchup becomes a reality.