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Jake Paul Defeats Nate Diaz in Boxing Match: Rematch in the Works

Jake Paul defeats Nate Diaz in a thrilling boxing match. Diaz expresses interest in a rematch, whether in boxing or MMA. Read more about the fight and the potential future showdown.

In a highly anticipated boxing match on Saturday night, YouTube star-turned-boxer Jake Paul emerged victorious over UFC legend Nate Diaz. The two fighters went head-to-head for 10 rounds in Dallas, with Paul ultimately securing a unanimous decision victory. Despite the loss, Diaz expressed his willingness to face Paul again, whether in the boxing ring or the mixed-martial arts (MMA) cage.

Following the match, Diaz addressed the media in a news conference, stating, ‘Right now we’re going to go home and we’re going to talk about it, and we’re going to figure out whether we want to do MMA or boxing, and then we’ll see what they want to do. But my goal is to get a rematch in any art.’

Paul, 26, has been making waves in the boxing world with previous wins against former UFC champions Anderson Silva and Tyron Woodley, as well as former MMA champ Ben Askren. Now, he adds Diaz to his list of defeated opponents.

During the fight, Paul landed 174 punches compared to Diaz’s 143 and even managed to knock him down in the fifth round. Despite the defeat, Diaz showed resilience and Paul commended him for his toughness, saying, ‘I knocked him down, won basically every round, but he’s a warrior. I had him hurt in the first round, he kept on coming. No one’s taken that much damage. All credit to my team and conditioning. Going 10 rounds in my eighth fight, it’s unheard of. Only been boxing for three years and beat a UFC legend.’

The fight was co-promoted by Diaz’s Real Fight Inc. and Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions. Both fighters are expected to earn significant paydays, with ESPN reporting that they would make ‘well into eight figures’ for their performances. This marks the largest payday of Diaz’s career.

While Paul has never competed in MMA, he does have a contract with the Professional Fighters League (PFL) should he decide to switch fighting formats. There is reportedly a $10 million offer on the table for Diaz to face Paul in an MMA fight.

Diaz expressed his openness to the idea of a rematch and potentially co-promoting with his Real Fight Inc. He stated, ‘They said they wanted to do the PFL thing, and I think that if we want to do that, we’re going to have to co-promote and do Real Fight vs. PFL, and I’m with that.’

In conclusion, Jake Paul’s victory over Nate Diaz has sparked discussions of a potential rematch in either boxing or MMA. Both fighters have expressed their willingness to face each other again, and fans eagerly await the announcement of their next showdown.