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Jake Paul’s Boxing Career: From MMA Legends to Knockout Victories

Discover the journey of Jake Paul in the world of professional boxing, from taking on MMA legends to securing knockout victories. Read about his intense fights and impressive triumphs.

American YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul has made a name for himself in the world of professional boxing. Known for taking on mixed martial arts legends, Paul’s journey has been filled with intense fights and impressive victories.

In his first professional boxing match against former UFC wrestling maestro Ben Askren, Paul showcased his skills and proved that he was a force to be reckoned with. The fight took place in a highly anticipated event, where Paul’s team and him encountered former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

During a heated argument in the locker room, one of Paul’s trainers, J’Leon Love, engaged in a war of words with Woodley. Love boasted about his own achievements while attempting to belittle Woodley’s accomplishments and boxing ability. The exchange of insults escalated, with Love confidently stating, "You don’t know about no boxing gloves. You know I can fight though. I do this, champ. You can’t f**k with me any day of the week. Been a champ already. I got my belts too." Woodley, maintaining a nonchalant demeanor, responded, "I got my belts. What’s your name again? I’m already Hall of Fame, brother. Ain’t no money behind you, bruh. My stocks still up. I got five world titles, that’s all I gotta say." The intense argument was captured on YouTube, gaining significant attention.

Woodley became the second mixed martial artist to step into the boxing ring with Jake Paul. After leaving the UFC and becoming a free agent, Woodley agreed to face Paul in a highly anticipated bout scheduled for August 2021. The fight took place at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, Ohio.

Woodley proved to be a formidable opponent, becoming the first man to take Paul past the second round in his professional career. The fight went the distance, lasting eight rounds. Ultimately, the judges scored the fight in favor of ‘The Problem Child,’ with two judges declaring Paul as the winner and one judge scoring it for Woodley. It was a split decision victory for Paul.

Following their initial encounter, Paul and Woodley faced off for a second time. This time, Woodley replaced Tommy Fury in a fight that took place in December of the same year. Unfortunately for Woodley, the outcome was even worse as he was knocked out in the sixth round of the match. The brutal knockout left a lasting impression on both fans and critics alike.

Jake Paul’s boxing career has been marked by his willingness to take on formidable opponents and his ability to secure knockout victories. From his match against Ben Askren to his triumph over Tyron Woodley, Paul has proven that he is a force to be reckoned with in the boxing world.

Fight Result
Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Paul wins by TKO
Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley (1st fight) Paul wins by split decision
Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley (2nd fight) Paul wins by knockout