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Jake Paul’s MMA Debut Against Nate Diaz: Can ‘The Problem Child’ Hold His Own?

Can Jake Paul hold his own against Nate Diaz in MMA? Find out the latest on Paul’s potential MMA debut and his chances against Diaz. Read more here.

Jake Paul’s recent victory against Nate Diaz in the boxing ring has sparked speculation about his potential in mixed martial arts (MMA). While Paul secured a seventh career win with a unanimous decision, not everyone is convinced that he can excel in the world of MMA. Daniel Cormier , a former UFC fighter, doubts Paul’s ability to survive against Diaz in a cage.

Paul’s win against Diaz on August 5 in Dallas marked his return to the win column after a loss to Tommy Furry in February. Now, Paul is setting his sights on making an MMA debut under the PFL banner in early 2024. Although no official details have been announced, Paul has expressed his desire to face Diaz inside the PFL Smart Cage, even offering a $10 million dollar deal to make it happen.

Despite Paul’s impressive performances in the boxing ring, Cormier remains skeptical about his chances in MMA. Cormier believes that Diaz would submit Paul if they were to fight in the cage. He points out that Paul’s best opportunity to dominate Diaz was in boxing, and even though he won convincingly, he didn’t knock Diaz out as many expected.

While Cormier acknowledges that Paul did a good job, he also recognizes that there is still room for improvement. He commends Paul for his toughness and perseverance, noting that Paul doesn’t give up when faced with challenges. Cormier believes that Paul is better than people give him credit for, but he still has work to do.

Following his bout with Paul, Diaz initially suggested that he would re-sign with the UFC to pursue a trilogy fight with Conor McGregor. However, during a post-fight interview, Diaz accepted Paul’s PFL challenge, indicating that a rematch between the two may happen inside the Smart Cage.

The question remains: Can Jake Paul hold his own against Nate Diaz in MMA? Only time will tell if Paul’s skills in the boxing ring will translate to success in the cage. Fans eagerly await the opportunity to witness this potential rematch and see if ‘The Problem Child’ can prove his doubters wrong.

Fight Results

Fighter Result
Jake Paul Win
Nate Diaz Loss

Key Points

  • Jake Paul secures a seventh career win against Nate Diaz in boxing
  • Paul plans to make an MMA debut under the PFL banner in early 2024
  • Daniel Cormier doubts Paul’s chances of surviving against Diaz in a cage
  • Cormier acknowledges Paul’s toughness but believes there is room for improvement
  • Diaz accepts Paul’s PFL challenge, hinting at a potential rematch inside the Smart Cage