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Jake Paul’s Next Fight: UFC Star or Indian Boxer?

YouTube star Jake Paul is gearing up for his next fight. Speculations are rife about his opponent, with names like Derek Brunson and Neeraj Goyat floating around. Read on to find out more about the potential matchups and the excitement surrounding Paul’s upcoming bout.

Jake Paul’s Next Opponent Details
Derek Brunson Former UFC middleweight who hinted at signing the contract for the fight in Puerto Rico. Fans are already predicting an easy victory for Paul.
Neeraj Goyat Indian boxer who called out Jake Paul for a boxing match. Goyat’s challenge went viral, and Paul wasted no time in accepting it.

Jake Paul’s next fight is generating a lot of buzz as speculations about his opponent continue to grow. Will it be Derek Brunson or Neeraj Goyat? Boxing fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the announcement.

Jake Paul’s Next Opponent

In an exciting turn of events, YouTube sensation turned boxer Jake Paul is gearing up for his next fight. After his recent announcement on X (formerly Twitter), it seems that Paul has sent out contracts for his upcoming bout in March. Speculations are rife about who his opponent might be, with two names floating around: former UFC star Derek Brunson and Indian boxer Neeraj Goyat.

The Cryptic Hint

Derek Brunson , a former UFC middleweight, responded to Paul’s post with a cryptic writing hand emoji. This enigmatic message has led fans to believe that Brunson has signed the contract to face Paul in Puerto Rico. The news took everyone by surprise, and fans are already predicting an easy victory for Paul, be it in boxing or mixed martial arts.

Ali Abdelaziz’s Take

Ali Abdelaziz, the founder and CEO of Dominance MMA, also chimed in on the matter. He quoted Brunson’s post and accused Paul of only fighting retired mixed martial artists. Abdelaziz suggested that a potential matchup between Paul and Brunson might be a few years away, implying that Paul still has a long way to go before facing seasoned UFC fighters.

Neeraj Goyat’s Challenge

Indian boxer Neeraj Goyat recently called out Jake Paul for a boxing match in an Instagram video that quickly went viral. Goyat’s challenge caught the attention of Paul, who wasted no time in responding. Paul agreed to take on Goyat ‘any time, any place,’ and Goyat reciprocated by accepting Paul’s terms and conditions.

Weight Disparity and Bold Statements

During the exchange, Paul couldn’t help but comment on the difference in their weight classes. He even jokingly mentioned the idea of fighting with one hand tied behind his back. Goyat, however, didn’t back down and boldly claimed that both Jake Paul and his brother Logan Paul combined wouldn’t stand a chance against him.

It remains to be seen who Jake Paul’s next opponent will be. Will it be the experienced UFC star Derek Brunson or the determined Indian boxer Neeraj Goyat? Boxing fans around the world eagerly await the announcement, ready to witness another thrilling fight involving the controversial YouTube star.