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KSI vs Logan 2 – highlights

Rematch between two massive youtube stars KSI and Logan Paul brought a lot of excitement. Both fighters went down and came back, point deduction… take a look fight highlights.
The fight took place in Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif. on November 9th.

The key moments happened in round 3,  where KSI landed a good right hook just behind the Paul’s ear, and he went down but referee Jack Reis said it was not a knockdown.

In round 4 – opposite situation, Paul landed two good uppercuts and this time  KSI went down. Paul landed one more shot while KSI was falling down and looks like this one landed at the back of the head. Referee Reis marked this as a knockdown bud deduct two points from Paul for hitting him behind his head and holding his head while punching.

Final result:
KSI defeated Logan Paul by split decision 56-55 Paul, 57-54 KSI, 56-55 KSI

After the fight KSI said there will be no 3rd fight and suggest Paul to go and fight in MMA: