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Logan Paul Admits Potential Loss in MMA Fight Against Dillon Danis

Logan Paul faces criticism after admitting potential loss in MMA fight against Dillon Danis. Get the details on their upcoming boxing match and the social media feud.

Logan Paul, the YouTuber-turned-boxer, is facing heavy criticism on social media after confessing to a potential loss in a future MMA fight with Dillon Danis, a welterweight fighter in Bellator MMA. The revelation came during a recent conversation between the 28-year-old and Andrew Schulz on his YouTube show, which quickly made its way to Twitter.

In the interview, Logan Paul acknowledged that the odds are not in his favor if he were to step into the octagon against Dillon Danis. He stated, ‘I wouldn’t do MMA with him. I just wouldn’t. Yeah, I’d box him for sure. He’s very good at Jiu-Jitsu. You have to pick and choose your battles. If you have a known Jiu-Jitsu experience and you’re going up against someone who is one of the best in the world in mixed martial arts, I don’t like those odds.’

Logan Paul is scheduled to face Dillon Danis in a professional boxing match at the Misfits X DAZN: The Prime Card event on October 14 at the Manchester Arena in England. This will be Logan Paul’s return to the world of combat sports after a four-year hiatus, with his last fight taking place in June 2019.

The Twitterverse exploded with trolling directed at Logan Paul once Dillon Danis retweeted the clip of the interview. Social media users wasted no time in mocking the YouTuber for his admission of potential defeat. However, Dillon Danis didn’t stop there. He continued his onslaught on Logan Paul by posting old photos of Nina Agdal, Logan Paul’s fiancée, with her former lovers. This attempt to get under Logan Paul’s skin has only intensified the social media feud between the two fighters.

Despite the negative attention, there are many online fans who are impressed with Dillon Danis’ trolling skills. The anticipation for the upcoming boxing match between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis continues to grow as the fighters engage in a war of words on social media.

Fight Details

Fighters Event Date
Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis Misfits X DAZN: The Prime Card October 14