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Nate Diaz Reveals the Secret to Jake Paul’s Boxing Success

Discover the secret behind Jake Paul’s boxing success as revealed by Nate Diaz. Diaz explains how Paul strategically selects MMA fighters as opponents, knowing they lack boxing skills.

Nate Diaz Reveals the Secret to Jake Paul’s Boxing Success

Nate Diaz, the renowned mixed martial artist, believes he has uncovered the key to Jake Paul’s boxing triumphs. Diaz points out that four out of the seven opponents Paul has faced in the ring have been MMA fighters attempting to transition to boxing. According to Diaz, this strategy demonstrates Paul’s understanding that MMA fighters lack the necessary boxing skills and are out of their depth in the boxing ring. During a conversation with boxing legend Andre Ward on DAZN, Diaz shared his insights.

Diaz emphasized, ‘The thing about him is he knows that MMA fighters can’t box and that they’re in over their head trying to box because he went over and worked a bunch over in training and now in fights also.’ Diaz further revealed that he has been aware of this fact since he was 15 years old, stating, ‘I’m not your average wrestler, MMA fighter. I didn’t wrestle. When these guys he fought were in the wrestling room at five- and six- and seven-, 10- and 15-years-old, I was boxing the whole neighborhood, boxing every pro I could find. Boxing at the highest level I could find.’

Throughout his career, Diaz has incorporated boxing techniques into his fights in the Octagon. He also had the privilege of sparring with Andre Ward, a former two-division unified world champion with an undefeated record of 32-0.

Diaz’s comments shed light on the strategy behind Paul’s success in the boxing world. By hand-picking opponents who lack boxing experience, Paul has been able to capitalize on his opponents’ weaknesses. This approach has allowed him to maintain an undefeated record and gain recognition as a formidable boxer.

In conclusion, Diaz’s revelation provides valuable insight into Jake Paul’s boxing achievements. By exploiting the lack of boxing skills among MMA fighters, Paul has strategically positioned himself for success in the ring. Diaz’s own boxing background and experience further validate his claims, making his analysis of Paul’s opponents all the more credible.