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Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder – what a fight!

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder have just fought one of the most epic fights in history of boxing. In 3rd fight from Fury vs Wilder trilogy we saw 5 knockdwons, both fighters went down, got up and show incredible will and heart.

Both fighters came ready and motivated, Wilder started attacking body from 1st minute and this looked like a surprise for Fury, he was not able to give the answer for these body shots for first two rounds.
But then in 3rd round he landed clean right on the side if the Wilder head and he goes down. He got 10 count but he easily stood up.


In round 4 Wilder recovered from knockdown and this time he landed clean right hook and Fury goes down. 10 count and he is up, but visible rocked. Wilder lands another good shot and Fury is down again.

Fury recovered and took over control of the fight from round 6, while Wilder was looking visible tired. In round 10, Fury landed another good combination and landed perfect right hook and Wilder goes down again.



Wilder stood up, and continue fighting.

Round 11
Fury got Wilder on the ropes, lands left hook, followed by clear right hook on the chin and Wilder goes down. This time no counting, referre waves it off and fight is over.