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The Hottest Bellator Ring Girls of All Time: Meet the Beauties Who Captivated the MMA World

Discover the hottest Bellator ring girls of all time who have captivated the MMA world. From Amber Marie to Vanessa Morais, meet these stunning beauties.

Are you curious about the hottest Bellator ring girls of all time? In this article, we will introduce you to the stunning ladies who have graced the Bellator cage with their beauty and charm. From Amber Marie to Vanessa Morais, these ring girls have captured the attention of MMA fans worldwide.

Amber Marie

Amber Marie is known for her mesmerizing beauty and captivating presence. Although she has never been a full-time Bellator ring girl, she has worked alongside other new Bellator ring girls like Vanessa Morais. Amber Marie has also worked as a ring girl for various smaller MMA promotions, showcasing her stunning looks and modeling skills.

Courtney Prather

Courtney Prather, a California girl, occasionally works as a Bellator ring girl when the promotion needs a filler. She made her first Bellator appearance in 2017 after winning the Chive ring card girl contest. Courtney is not only a ring girl but also a fitness model, bodybuilder, and bikini show competitor. Her dedication to fitness and her stunning physique make her a true standout.

Dasha Alexandria

Dasha Alexandria, a Ukrainian model based in Los Angeles, was a former Bellator ring girl in 2017. With her striking looks and modeling experience, Dasha has worked with renowned brands like Monster Energy, NASCAR, and various clothing and swimwear brands. Her favorite form of cardio is boxing, which keeps her in top shape.

Jade Bryce

Jade Bryce, one of the hottest Bellator ring girls from 2011 to 2014, left a lasting impression on the MMA world. Despite not renewing her contract with Bellator, Jade continued to make waves as an online influencer, relationship coach, and podcast owner. She also has aspirations in the acting industry and has already landed minor roles.

Lindsey Harrod

Lindsey Harrod, a California native, was a Bellator ring girl in 2017 and 2018. After gaining a substantial following as a ring girl, Lindsey transitioned into a fitness trainer and online fitness influencer. She founded her own website and developed the LHF app, showcasing her expertise in the fitness industry. Lindsey is also an avid basketball fan, with a deep love for the Lakers and Kobe Bryant.

Louise Mckie

Louise Mckie, an English model from Newcastle, joined the ranks of Bellator ring girls in 2019. Besides her stunning appearance, Louise is also a martial arts enthusiast, often sharing her training footage online. She started her MMA journey during the 2020 covid lockdown and has been training at AKA Thailand, Phuket, since the end of 2022. Louise is sponsored by Monster Energy and frequently promotes the brand on her social media accounts.

Mercedes Terrell

Mercedes Terrell holds the title of the longest-serving Bellator ring girl, having been with the promotion for 11 years from 2009 to 2020. Known for her undeniable beauty, Mercedes is widely regarded as one of the hottest Bellator ring girls of all time. Since leaving Bellator, she has become an online influencer, hosting her talk show and offering coaching services for men. Mercedes maintains a strong presence on Instagram, YouTube, and Cameo.

Pamela Ryan

Pamela Ryan, hailing from Ireland, became a Bellator ring girl in November 2021. Alongside her role as a ring girl, Pamela works full-time in IT as remote technical support. She has been a model for over a decade and has been sponsored by Monster Energy since 2018. Pamela’s stunning looks and IT expertise make her a unique addition to the Bellator ring girl lineup.

Summer Morgan

Summer Morgan, also known as Summer Daniels, stepped into the Bellator ring girl role after the departure of Jade Bryce in 2015. Summer had previously worked as a model and ring girl in boxing and for the MMA promotion Elite XC. Since leaving Bellator, she has embarked on a career as a singer, songwriter, holistic healer, and wellness coach.

Vanessa Morais

Vanessa Morais is one of the newest additions to the Bellator ring girl roster. She often shares footage from Bellator events on her TikTok, showcasing her excitement and passion for the promotion. Vanessa also works as a hairdresser and model, adding versatility to her already impressive resume. Although she is relatively new to the MMA industry, Vanessa has already made a mark as one of the hottest Bellator ring girls.

These stunning ladies have not only added glamour to the Bellator cage but have also pursued successful careers outside of their ring girl roles. From modeling and fitness to coaching and online influencing, they continue to captivate audiences with their beauty and talents. As the MMA world evolves, we eagerly anticipate the next generation of Bellator ring girls who will leave their mark on the sport.

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Name Notable Achievements
Amber Marie Ring girl for smaller promotions
Courtney Prather Chive ring card girl contest winner
Dasha Alexandria Worked with Monster Energy, NASCAR, and more