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Dustin Poirier Reflects on Loss and Future in Emotional Interview

Dustin Poirier opens up about his recent loss and reflects on his future in an emotional interview. Read more to learn about his thoughts and plans.

Dustin Poirier, one of the top fighters in the UFC lightweight division , recently sat down for an emotional interview following his loss in a highly anticipated fight. In the interview, Poirier opens up about his feelings, his career, and his future in the sport.

Poirier begins by expressing his disappointment in the loss, stating that losing is never easy but he has experienced it before. Despite the defeat, he reflects on his successful career and the fights he has had, feeling like a winner regardless of the outcome.

When asked about his performance in the fight, Poirier admits that he felt great and had a good rhythm. He discusses his strategy and how he was cautious not to open himself up too much, knowing that he had five rounds to go. He also mentions that he had his opponent hurt but didn’t want to rush in and risk getting caught with a counter punch.

In hindsight, Poirier reflects on whether he should have been more aggressive and taken advantage of the opportunity to finish the fight early. He acknowledges that it’s easy to look back and question his decisions, but ultimately, he is content with his performance and the effort he put into his training camp.

The interviewer brings up the possibility of a trilogy fight between Poirier and his opponent in the future. Poirier remains open to the idea, acknowledging that they are currently tied at one win each and that a third fight would be intriguing.

The conversation then shifts to Poirier’s future in the sport. He admits that he is not excited about fighting just anyone and that he needs a meaningful fight to motivate him. He mentions that the recent loss was an opportunity to earn another title shot, but he is unsure of what comes next.

Poirier also discusses the challenges of weight cutting in the lightweight division . He mentions that he could have cut more weight for the fight and that he doesn’t consider himself a big lightweight. He hints at the possibility of moving up to the welterweight division in the future.

Throughout the interview, Poirier emphasizes that he is not fighting just for the sake of fighting. He wants his fights to have meaning and purpose. He mentions that he has already achieved a lot in his career and that he wants his next fight to be for something significant.

In conclusion, Poirier reflects on the uncertainty of his future and the need for clarity. He mentions that he will be focusing on his charity work in the coming days and that he will take some time to determine his next steps in the sport.


Key Points
Dustin Poirier reflects on his recent loss
He feels like a winner regardless of the outcome
Poirier discusses his performance in the fight
He remains open to a trilogy fight in the future
Poirier is unsure of his future in the sport