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Ilia Topuria Predicts First-Round Knockout of Alexander Volkanovski

Ilia Topuria predicts a first-round knockout victory over Alexander Volkanovski in an exclusive interview. Read about Topuria’s confidence, his thoughts on Volkanovski’s performance, and the potential matchup.

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Ilia Topuria, rising MMA star, confidently predicts a first-round knockout victory over Alexander Volkanovski. In an exclusive interview for MMA Hour, Topuria discusses his thoughts on Volkanovski’s recent performance, his own fighting style, and the potential matchup between the two fighters.

Volkanovski’s Performance Against Yair

Topuria was not impressed with Volkanovski’s performance against Yair Rodriguez. While acknowledging that Volkanovski did what he was supposed to do in the fight, Topuria believes there was nothing special about it. He expresses his dislike for Volkanovski’s fight style and asserts that he can easily defeat him.

“I never liked his fight style… you don’t even have to take him down, the guy just goes to the floor alone. I don’t like his fights.” – Ilia Topuria

Confidence in Beating Volkanovski

Topuria’s confidence in his ability to defeat Volkanovski is unwavering. He states that he has always had too much confidence in himself and never doubted that he could beat Volkanovski easily. While some people might consider it a tough fight, Topuria believes it will be an easy win for him.

“He says that I’m the easiest fight he’s gonna have in his whole career. We’ll see.” – Ilia Topuria

Disrespectful Comments

When asked about Volkanovski’s comments on not wanting Topuria to fight anyone else before facing him, Topuria does not feel disrespected. He understands that fighters can say whatever they want and remains focused on the eventual matchup with Volkanovski.

“He can say whatever he wants to say. It’s always what they’re gonna say. No, you’re gonna beat me.” – Ilia Topuria

The Potential Fight

Topuria hopes that the fight with Volkanovski can happen soon, preferably in 2023. He believes it will be an easy victory for him and looks forward to proving it in the cage. While there is uncertainty about whether Volkanovski will choose to fight Topuria or Islam, Topuria is prepared for either scenario.

“I don’t know what he’s gonna do. I don’t know if he’s gonna accept the challenge. But we can fight whenever he wants.” – Ilia Topuria

The UFC in Spain

Topuria expresses his excitement about the possibility of the UFC coming to Spain. He has always dreamt of bringing the UFC to his home country and becoming the UFC world champion. He hopes the title fight can take place in Madrid, where there are suitable arenas for such an event.

“I want to bring the UFC to Spain. Once they bring the UFC in Spain and I become the UFC world champion, that will be huge.” – Ilia Topuria

The Rose Tradition

After his fights, Topuria has started a tradition of placing a rose in the middle of the cage as a sign of respect for his opponents. He explains that it is inspired by the tradition of matadors in bullfighting, who show respect to the bull by offering a rose. Topuria intends to continue this tradition in his future fights.

“I want to show my condolence and respect to my opponent and his team by leaving a rose in the middle of the cage.” – Ilia Topuria

As Topuria’s popularity grows, he remains humble and appreciative of the support he receives. He looks forward to future opportunities and is determined to continue making a name for himself in the MMA world.