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Patricio Pitbull Freire Reveals Defeat and Upcoming Surgery in Exclusive Interview

In a candid and emotional interview, Patricio “Pitbull” Freire, one of the most respected fighters in the sport of MMA, opened up about his recent surprise defeat and the challenging decision he faces ahead.

Patricio spoke with Marcelo Alonso and Priscila Couto (PVT) after his brother’s victory in Bellator and his own unfortunate loss at RISE. The interview began with Patricio discussing the circumstances leading up to his fight against Roberto Satoshi. Originally, he was preparing to face Ejima, but a change in opponent brought Satoshi into the picture. Both fighters accepted the short-notice bout, but Patricio admits he was dealing with physical challenges, including a weight cut from 76kg to 68.5kg.

During the interview, Patricio revealed that he has been struggling with a severe cervical injury for over a year. The injury has caused him unbearable pain, impacted his daily training, and even resulted in sleepless nights. He courageously disclosed that he will undergo surgery at the beginning of August to address a hernia and nerve compression, which has been affecting his overall performance in recent fights.

Despite these challenges, Patricio showed immense resilience, choosing to face the bout despite knowing the risks. He emphasized that his loss was not an excuse and that the defeat, though difficult to accept, was part of the sport.

While discussing the aftermath of the fight, Patricio also addressed the controversial situation involving Brazilian fighter Kleber Koik. It appears that Koik had been spreading disrespectful comments about both Patricio and his brother, accusing them of fighting solely for money. This led to a heated exchange between Patricio and Koik, culminating in a physical altercation backstage. Patricio expressed his disappointment with Koik’s behavior, stating that it was unprofessional and disrespectful.

Patricio’s heartfelt interview provided a glimpse into the physical and emotional toll that competing at a high level in MMA can take. Despite the recent setbacks, Patricio remains positive about his future, expressing his desire to return to the sport after his surgery and seek redemption in rematches against his recent opponents.

MMA fans around the world have always respected Patricio for his warrior spirit and exceptional skills inside the cage. As he faces this challenging period of recovery, fans and fellow fighters alike are sending their support and well-wishes to the Brazilian champion.

We wish Patricio Pitbull Freire a successful surgery and a speedy recovery, as we eagerly anticipate his return to the cage in the near future.