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Roberto Soldic defended his KSW champion belt

Roberto Soldic, KSW Welterweight champion, defeated Krystian Kaszubowski in main event of KSW 49 by brutal KO in first round. Undefeated Kaszubowski was considered as most dangerous opponent for Soldic, but  KSW champion did not wanted to take any risk.  He opened the fight very smart, not rushing anything, reading the opponent and waiting for right opening.
Soon as se saw opening, late in first round, he landed a string left hook which dropped Krystian and referee jumped in to stop the fight.

With this win, Soldic set a new winning column mark on his impressive record of 16 finishes (14 knockouts) and just 3 loses, and all of this with just 24 years old.
How long KSW will be able to hold this young martial artist, before he got some offer that he can not refuse, we have to just wait and see. It is no secret, that UFC already offered contract to this young Croat, but he decided to stay in KSW. For now.