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Alistair Overeem Announces Retirement from Combat Sports: What’s Next for the MMA Legend?

Alistair Overeem announces retirement from combat sports after 23 years. Find out what’s next for the MMA legend and his post-fighting plans. Read more on MMA Knockout.

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Alistair Overeem Retirement Alistair Overeem announces retirement from combat sports after 23 years. He plans to promote good health and higher consciousness.

It’s the end of an era, Alistair "The Demolition Man" Overeem has announced his retirement from combat sports over 23 years after his professional debut. A noticeably slimmer Overeem appeared in an interview with ‘Lovin Dubai’ on June 2, where he casually dropped word on his retirement:

"I actually just decided to stop fighting. This is not my thing anymore. It’s been 25 years, we’re going to do other cool stuff now."

As for his post-retirement plans, Overeem looks to promote good health and "higher consciousness," and remarked about going through a detox to cure his phone addiction. The Dutch fighter also shared that he is involved in a health expo in the Netherlands, hinting at a business-savvy side of Overeem that fans can look forward to.

Bo Nickal to Face Late-Notice Undefeated Prospect at UFC 290

UFC 290 has been hit by another late-notice dropout as Bo Nickal’s opponent Tresean Gore has had to withdraw with an injury. Despite several high-profile fighters throwing their hats in the ring, Nickal will now face UFC debutant Valentine Woodburn on just a week’s notice.

Tresean Gore pulls out of UFC 290

Tresean Gore in Instagram

This decision along with Jack Della Maddalena’s new opponent has fans questioning whether the UFC looks for the lowest bidder to fight on short-notice rather than putting together justifiable matchups.

Woodburn is undefeated in seven professional outings and maintains a 71% finish rate, all by knockout. "The Animal" is a stocky middleweight, standing 5’8" tall which makes him five inches shorter than Nickal.

With this late-notice introduction, Nickal has opened up as a -2500 favorite to win the fight. It’s a tall order for Woodburn, but a victory would skyrocket his popularity.

TUF 31: Conor McGregor & Michael Chandler Come to Odds as McGregor goes 0-6

Conor McGregor’s losing streak continues on season 31 of The Ultimate Fighter. In episode 6, McGregor’s home-teammate Lee Hammond was submitted with a hail mary guillotine choke from Team Chandler’s Kurt Holobaugh in the dying minutes of the final round.

After the result of the fight was concluded, the two coaches started exchanging words:

"I’m stacking them up, baby," Chandler remarked. "Not against me you’re not, Michael," McGregor replied."Some of these kids [were] in the UFC before you were in the UFC," McGregor declared. "So don’t you [start saying this and that]—" The two coaches stood face to face."Maybe if you showed up for them —" Chandler was quickly silenced by McGregor, "Shut up or I’ll break your nose you fool." The Irish fighter exclaimed.The two exchanged words before McGregor shoved Chandler by the face. Despite instigating the shove, McGregor sent himself reeling back as Chandler was restrained by TUF contestants. Chandler howled, "Oh we’re gonna do this? We’re gonna fight right now? We’re gonna keep stacking them up. … I show up for my f****** team."

After a bland start to season 31, the drama has reinvigorated some of the interest surrounding the show. Now fans will have to wait and see if Team McGregor goes 0-7 next week and if any more drama ensues.

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