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Can We Trust Conor McGregor’s Words for the Historic Clash?

Can we trust Conor McGregor’s words for the historic clash? Amidst uncertainties surrounding his readiness and testing status, doubts continue to grow. Read more.

After the announcement of Conor McGregor’s return, Michael Chandler has been eagerly awaiting his chance to take on the former dual weight champion. However, there is a sense of uncertainty surrounding McGregor’s readiness for the December fight. Despite surprising everyone with the announcement during the Anthony Joshua boxing match, McGregor has yet to enter the USADA testing pool.

Amidst McGregor’s challenges to various opponents, Michael Chandler remains unsure. While the prospect of facing McGregor is alluring, doubts continue to grow. UFC insists on the fight, but McGregor’s diversions raise questions. Although McGregor’s sudden announcement about a December bout stirred excitement at the Anthony Joshua match, his USADA testing status remains uncertain. The question remains: Can we trust McGregor’s words for this historic clash?

In a recent interview with Daniel Cormier, Michael Chandler discussed the potential match-up between him and McGregor. Chandler confidently stated that he is ready to fight McGregor, even if it were to happen tomorrow. He emphasized his readiness, saying, “For me, you know I’m ready. I’m staying in shape. If it could happen by the end of the year, that would be phenomenal, you know I’m ready tomorrow.”

Chandler also expressed doubts about McGregor’s training regimen, questioning how much time he spends training compared to being seen on boats. Despite these uncertainties, Chandler believes that the matchup between him and McGregor would be phenomenal. He stated, “Either way, it would be the most exciting guy in the sport versus the biggest star in sports and the greatest comeback in combat sports history. People are going to tune in.”

Reflecting on their past encounter at the TUF faceoff, Chandler mentioned McGregor’s actions, saying, “He smooshed my face, and someday he’s going to pay for it.”

Dana White, the head of the UFC, initially scheduled Conor McGregor’s comeback for UFC 293 in December of this year. However, McGregor missed his USADA deadline, which was disappointing news for White. In a recent interview, White expressed confidence in McGregor’s return on the scheduled date. McGregor himself broke his silence and named three preferred opponents: Chandler, Gaethje, and Nate Diaz for a trilogy fight.

As anticipation for the potential McGregor-Chandler match grows, uncertainties persist due to McGregor’s unpredictability and testing status. Fans are hoping for an intense clash, but whether the fight will actually happen remains a mystery, leaving the MMA world in suspense.