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Dana White Reveals Major Changes in Upcoming UFC Fights

Dana White reveals major changes in upcoming UFC fights and discusses the future of the Contender Series, The Sphere venue, and the global reach of the UFC. Find out more in this article!

Key Points
Charles Oliveira is out of his fight with Islam Makhachev due to a serious injury
Alexander Volkanovski steps in to replace Oliveira and accept the fight on short notice
The Contender Series showcases impressive performances and rising stars
Dana White expresses his desire to make the Contender Series a year-round event
The Sphere venue receives high praise from Dana White, with plans for a historic live event in September
The UFC’s global reach is evident with fighters from 13 different countries earning contracts
Discussions are underway for exciting matchups in the women’s divisions

Dana White: Charles Oliveira is OUT; Alexander Volkanovski is IN for Islam Makhachev rematch

In a recent Instagram live session, Dana White addressed the rumors surrounding Charles Oliveira’s withdrawal from his fight with Islam Makhachev. It turns out that Oliveira suffered a serious injury during sparring, resulting in a deep cut on his eyebrow. Despite the setback, Alexander Volkanovski stepped in and accepted the fight on short notice. This unexpected turn of events has set the stage for an epic rematch between Volkanovski and Makhachev, which promises to be one of the biggest fights of the year.

A Season of Surprises on the Contender Series

Dana White also discussed the latest season of the Contender Series , which has been filled with thrilling fights and impressive performances. He praised the young fighters who have showcased their skills and determination in the octagon. Notable standouts include Andre Lima, who made his professional debut just last October and has already shown tremendous potential. Another rising star is Liam Andre, who impressed with his composure and fight IQ. Dana White believes that both fighters have what it takes to become future champions.

The Future of Contender Series

As the Contender Series continues to gain popularity, Dana White expressed his desire to make it a year-round event. He believes that the talent pool is growing and that more fighters deserve a chance to showcase their skills on the big stage. With the success of the current season and the potential for even more exciting matchups, the future of the Contender Series looks brighter than ever.

The Sphere: A Game-Changer for Combat Sports

Dana White couldn’t contain his excitement when talking about The Sphere, a state-of-the-art venue that has caught his attention. He praised the incredible audio and visual experience it offers, as well as the first-class hospitality. Dana White even hinted at the possibility of hosting a historic live event at The Sphere in September, promising to deliver the greatest live combat sports event ever seen.

The Global Reach of the UFC

With fighters from 13 different countries earning contracts on the Contender Series , Dana White emphasized the global reach of the UFC. He highlighted the talent coming out of South America, particularly Brazil, and expressed his commitment to rebuilding the Brazilian market. Dana White also mentioned the possibility of expanding the Contender Series to other regions, such as Europe and Australia, as long as there is an abundance of talent.

The Future of Women’s Divisions

When asked about the women’s divisions, Dana White revealed that matchmaking discussions are underway. While he didn’t have any official announcements to make, he assured fans that the UFC is actively working on exciting matchups for the women’s divisions.

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