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Exciting Moments in UFC London: Craig’s Middleweight Win and Aspinall’s Victory over Tybura

Relive the thrilling moments of UFC London as Paul Craig secures a middleweight win, Tom Aspinall emerges victorious against Marcin Tybura, and Lerone Murphy delivers an impressive performance.

Exciting Moments in UFC London

Welcome back to The Mixed Martial Arts Hour! In this episode, we will take a look at the thrilling events that unfolded at UFC London. From Paul Craig’s impressive middleweight win over Andre Muniz to Tom Aspinall’s victorious performance against Marcin Tybura, there were plenty of exciting moments to discuss.

Paul Craig’s Middleweight Win

Paul Craig showcased his skills and determination in a remarkable middleweight bout against Andre Muniz. The fight was intense from start to finish, with both fighters displaying their striking and grappling abilities. Craig’s relentless pursuit of victory paid off as he secured a well-deserved win.

Tom Aspinall’s Victory over Marcin Tybura

In the main event of UFC London, Tom Aspinall faced off against Marcin Tybura in a highly anticipated heavyweight showdown. Aspinall showcased his striking prowess and showcased his improved grappling skills. With a dominant performance, Aspinall emerged victorious and solidified his position in the heavyweight division.

Lerone Murphy’s Impressive Win

Lerone Murphy delivered an impressive performance in his featherweight clash against Joshua Culibao. Murphy’s striking accuracy and defensive skills were on full display as he outclassed his opponent. With this win, Murphy continues to make a name for himself in the UFC featherweight division.

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Fight Results
Paul Craig def. Andre Muniz
Tom Aspinall def. Marcin Tybura
Lerone Murphy def. Joshua Culibao