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Francis Ngannou Signs Deal to Fight Tyson Fury: The Truth Behind the Controversy

Francis Ngannou signs a deal to fight Tyson Fury, but controversy surrounds the event. Discover the truth behind the payment dispute and the attempts to undermine Ngannou’s success.

Francis Ngannou, the former UFC Heavyweight Champion, has made headlines once again as he prepares to crossover into the boxing world. After leaving the UFC and signing with the Professional Fighters League (PFL), Ngannou has announced that he has inked a deal to fight superstar heavyweight Tyson Fury. However, controversy surrounds the fight, particularly regarding how much Ngannou will be paid.

Former UFC Fighter Brendan Schaub has shed light on the situation during his MMA podcast, "The Schaub Show." Schaub believes that there are UFC loyalists who are trying to suppress the true amount of money that Ngannou will make from the fight. He expressed his disbelief at reports suggesting that Ngannou would only earn $8 million, stating, "Francis is making way more money than that. Way more."

Ngannou’s manager has also chimed in, claiming that this single fight will earn Ngannou more money than he has made throughout his entire UFC career. The dispute over the payment has fueled speculation that there are individuals within the UFC who are intentionally downplaying Ngannou’s potential earnings.

One of the figures accused of attempting to undermine the fight is legendary boxing promoter Eddie Hearn. Initially, Hearn suggested that the bout would be an exhibition match, casting doubt on its significance. Schaub believes that Hearn’s actions stem from his competition with Ngannou and his team, as he failed to secure a fight with them. Schaub also suggests that Hearn may be in cahoots with UFC President Dana White, who may not want Ngannou to achieve success in the boxing world.

The controversy surrounding the fight and the conflicting reports about Ngannou’s earnings have only heightened the anticipation for the upcoming showdown. Fans are eager to see how Ngannou will fare against a formidable opponent like Tyson Fury and whether he can make a successful transition from MMA to boxing.

Fight Details

| Fighters | Venue | Date | Result ||———————|———————-|————–|————|| Francis Ngannou | TBD | TBD | TBD || Tyson Fury | TBD | TBD | TBD |

In conclusion, Francis Ngannou’s decision to enter the boxing world has generated significant excitement and controversy. While there are individuals who may seek to undermine his success, Ngannou remains determined to prove himself. The upcoming fight against Tyson Fury will undoubtedly be a spectacle that fans won’t want to miss.

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