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Francis Ngannou Signs with PFL and Sets Up Exciting Match Against Phil De Fries

Francis Ngannou signs with PFL and sets up an exciting match against Phil De Fries. Get all the details about this epic showdown and their upcoming battles.

After leaving the UFC and pursuing free agency, Francis Ngannou has made significant strides in his combat sports career. The heavyweight fighter has officially signed with the Professional Fighter’s League (PFL), allowing him to pursue his boxing dreams alongside his return to the MMA cage in 2024.

Ngannou’s Dream Match Against Tyson Fury

In an exciting turn of events, Ngannou’s dream pugilistic match against Tyson Fury has materialized. The two powerhouses are set to battle it out in October, promising an epic showdown between two dominant fighters.

A Potential Opponent for Ngannou

While Ngannou’s opponent for his return to the MMA cage in 2024 remains unknown, there is speculation that Phil De Fries could be the answer. De Fries, an English heavyweight, initially joined the UFC in 2011 but didn’t make a significant impact during his tenure. However, since joining KSW in 2018, De Fries has experienced a career resurgence.

De Fries’ Rise in KSW

De Fries found success in KSW, the premier Polish promotion, where he became the heavyweight champion. With an undefeated record of 10-0 in KSW, De Fries has defended his title nine times, showcasing his dominant grappling skills.

An Intriguing Matchup

The potential matchup between De Fries and Ngannou is intriguing for several reasons. Firstly, De Fries is currently on a massive win streak, making him an ideal opponent for Ngannou’s PFL debut. Additionally, De Fries employs a grinding, grappling style that could pose a challenge for Ngannou, reminiscent of Stipe Miocic’s strategy against him in the past.

Benefits for Both Promotions

This matchup also benefits both promotions involved. KSW, while a major promotion in Poland, has been seeking more recognition globally. A co-promotion with PFL could elevate their status and attract a wider audience. For PFL, hosting this high-profile event would boost their presence in Europe and provide an exciting matchup for their fans.

In conclusion, the signing of Francis Ngannou with PFL and the potential matchup against Phil De Fries has generated significant buzz in the combat sports world. Fans eagerly anticipate the clash between Ngannou and Fury, while also speculating about Ngannou’s future opponent in the MMA cage. Both fighters bring unique strengths to the table, making this a thrilling matchup to watch.

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