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Injury Shocks MMA Community: Istela Nunes Breaks Elbow in UFC Vegas 77 Fight

Istela Nunes suffered a devastating injury during her fight at UFC Vegas 77. Dana White shared an x-ray of her broken elbow, sparking concerns about fighter safety.

Injury Shocks MMA Community: Istela Nunes Breaks Elbow in UFC Vegas 77 Fight

The mixed martial arts (MMA) community was left stunned during the recent UFC Vegas 77 event when Istela Nunes suffered a devastating injury. Nunes, a Brazilian fighter, faced newcomer Viktoriya Dudakova in a highly anticipated fight. However, just 30 seconds into the first round, Nunes broke her elbow during a takedown attempt by Dudakova. The injury was so severe that her arm bent inward, causing her to scream in pain. UFC president Dana White took to social media to share an x-ray of Nunes’ broken arm, which clearly showed the extent of the damage. This shocking incident has raised concerns about fighter safety and the future of Nunes’ career in the Octagon.

Nunes entered the fight with a record of three consecutive losses in the UFC. Despite facing tough competition, she needed a victory to prove her worth and secure her spot in the organization. Unfortunately, the injury prevented her from showcasing her skills and making a statement. Dudakova, who was making her UFC debut, also expressed shock and concern for Nunes’ well-being.

The incident has sparked discussions within the MMA community about the risks and dangers fighters face inside the Octagon. While injuries are not uncommon in combat sports, the severity of Nunes’ broken elbow has raised questions about the adequacy of safety measures in place. Fans and pundits alike are calling for stricter regulations and improved medical protocols to ensure the well-being of fighters.

Dana White, known for his active presence on social media, shared a slow-motion video of the fight’s ending, highlighting the moment of the injury. He later posted an x-ray image of Nunes’ arm, emphasizing the severity of the fracture. The images have generated significant attention and sympathy from fans and fellow fighters.

The UFC Vegas 77 event featured several other exciting fights, with notable performances from various fighters. Here are the results of some of the main bouts:

Fight Winner Loser
Main Event TBD TBD
Co-Main Event TBD TBD
Featured Bout TBD TBD
Prelims Fight 1 TBD TBD
Prelims Fight 2 TBD TBD
Prelims Fight 3 TBD TBD

For a complete list of UFC Vegas 77 results, highlights, and comprehensive coverage, visit the official UFC website.

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