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MMA Journalist ‘The Schmo’ Announces Engagement to Helen Yee

MMA journalist ‘The Schmo’ announces his engagement to fellow MMA journalist Helen Yee. The news has garnered widespread congratulations from fans and professionals in the MMA community.

MMA journalist Dave Schmulenson, popularly known as ‘The Schmo,’ has made waves in the MMA community with a significant announcement. ‘The Schmo’ recently took to Instagram to share the news that his fellow MMA journalist, Helen Yee, has accepted his proposal.

The Schmo and Helen Yee

Known for his humorous and creative interviews, ‘The Schmo’ has been friends with Yee for several years. The duo also co-hosts a podcast called ‘The Schmozone Podcast.’ With this engagement, they have solidified their bond in the most profound way possible.

The announcement has garnered a flurry of congratulations from fans and MMA professionals. ‘The Schmo’ posted on his Instagram handle, ‘8.14.23 @helenyeesports said YES… I’m over the moon. Blessed and grateful to do life with my best friend. I love you sooo much!! Forever.’

MMA writer and analyst Brian Campbell also extended his congratulations, stating, ‘Well done, Schmo. You are now a pro. Congrats!’ The sentiment reflects the collective joy and celebration surrounding this momentous occasion.

Herb Dean, a veteran referee, expressed his genuine happiness and excitement for the couple. He commented, ‘Hooray!! I am so happy for you two! Congratulations!’

Fans have taken to social media to join in the celebration and offer their well wishes. One fan even suggested that Schmo should invite UFC fighter Sean Strickland, known for his outspoken and controversial personality, to the wedding.

Moving on to another topic, ‘The Schmo’ recently discussed his relationship with fellow sports reporter Ariel Helwani on the ‘Real Eyes Recognize Podcast.’ During the conversation, ‘The Schmo’ provided insights into what he calls ‘Agenda Journalism.’ He shared his perspective on Helwani’s reporting style, suggesting that there may be an underlying agenda driving his content. Schmulenson stated, ‘What I feel like with his style, there’s an agenda. Like there’s obviously something he wants to get out of it. He needs to make himself look good, and sometimes that falls at the expense of the athletes.’

‘The Schmo’s’ journey highlights the evolving role of MMA journalists in shaping and elevating sports narratives.


Key Points
MMA journalist ‘The Schmo’ announces engagement to fellow MMA journalist Helen Yee.
The couple’s announcement receives widespread congratulations from fans and MMA professionals.
‘The Schmo’ and Yee co-host the podcast ‘The Schmozone Podcast.’
Veteran referee Herb Dean and MMA writer Brian Campbell extend their well wishes.
‘The Schmo’ discusses ‘Agenda Journalism’ and shares his perspective on Ariel Helwani’s reporting style.