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Nate Diaz’s Potential Return to UFC – Dustin Poirier is interested

Dustin Poirier expresses interest in fighting Nate Diaz if he returns to the UFC. Read about their potential matchup and the differences between MMA and boxing.

Justin Gaethje vs Dustin Poirier

This weekend, Dustin Poirier is set to fight Justin Gaethje for the Baddest Motherf—er (BMF) title at UFC 291. However, all eyes are on Nate Diaz, who is scheduled to face Jake Paul in a boxing match a week later. Diaz has hinted that the Paul bout might just be a detour before he returns to the UFC, and Poirier is eager to fight him.

Poirier expressed his interest in a potential matchup with Diaz during the UFC 291 media day. He stated, ‘I don’t look too far ahead and book myself in fights that aren’t even realistic or a possibility until other things happen. But if he comes back, I’ll beat him up.’

History of Poirier and Diaz

This isn’t the first time Poirier and Diaz have been linked to a fight. Back in 2018, they were set to face off at UFC 230, even squaring off at a press conference. However, the fight fell apart, and there is still tension between the two regarding who is to blame.

If Diaz does return to the UFC, a matchup with Poirier would be highly anticipated, second only to the McGregor trilogy fight in terms of both money and attention. The question remains whether the UFC will be willing to pay Diaz what he believes he is worth after his payday from the Jake Paul fight.

Poirier acknowledges that Diaz possesses good boxing skills, but he believes that the transition to boxing may not be favorable for him. Poirier points out the differences in timing and range between MMA and boxing, and he believes that Jake Paul ‘s size and athleticism give him the advantage. If he had to bet, Poirier would put his money on Paul.

However, Poirier does concede that Diaz could potentially survive an early onslaught from Paul and then take advantage of his gassed opponent. He acknowledges that Paul is larger and more explosive than Diaz, but emphasizes that one punch from a fighter of that size can be devastating.

Nate Diaz life outside of Octagon

In the meantime, Diaz continues to participate in triathlons, showing his dedication to staying in shape and maintaining his endurance. His upcoming bout with Paul will test his boxing skills and determine whether he has a future in the sport.

As fans eagerly await Diaz’s return to the UFC, they can catch all the action from UFC 291 through live coverage provided by MMAmania.com. The event will feature a stacked fight card, including the highly anticipated matchup between Poirier and Gaethje for the BMF title.

Fight Card
Dustin Poirier vs. Justin Gaethje

Key Points

  • Dustin Poirier expresses interest in fighting Nate Diaz if he returns to the UFC.
  • Diaz’s upcoming boxing match with Jake Paul could be a detour before his UFC comeback.
  • Poirier believes Diaz’s unorthodox boxing style may not translate well in a boxing ring.
  • Poirier favors Jake Paul due to his size, athleticism, and training resources.
  • Diaz’s endurance and ability to withstand punishment could be his advantage against Paul.