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Nigeria’s Mixed Martial Arts Federation Gains Government Recognition and Sets Sights on African Championship

Discover how Nigeria’s Mixed Martial Arts Federation is gaining government recognition and setting its sights on the African Championship. Read more to learn about the federation’s plans and the potential of Nigerian fighters.

The Nigerian Mixed Martial Arts Federation (NMMAF) recently held its first national championship in Lagos, and the event was met with great enthusiasm and optimism. Ambassador Henry George, the President of NMMAF, expressed his delight at the government’s recognition of the sport, stating that it provides a platform for growth and the opportunity to showcase Nigeria’s potential on the global stage.

According to Ambassador George, the sport of mixed martial arts in Nigeria is attracting talented fighters who are transitioning from other martial arts disciplines such as boxing, taekwondo, and karate. These fighters are guided through a comprehensive syllabus and have the potential to become world-class athletes. The federation is confident that with proper training and support, Nigerian fighters will excel in international competitions.

In September, Nigeria will be participating in the African Mixed Martial Arts Championships in Angola, which will also serve as qualifiers for the Olympics. Ambassador George and the federation are optimistic about the country’s chances in the tournament, as they believe they are sending the best fighters from Nigeria.

Israel Inwang, the scribe of the federation, echoed Ambassador George’s sentiments and expressed confidence in Nigeria’s ability to challenge the rest of Africa in the forthcoming championship. Despite the recent recognition of the federation, Inwang believes that Nigeria’s fighters have bright prospects and are well-prepared to compete at the highest level.

The NMMAF’s focus on developing mixed martial arts in Nigeria has received a significant boost with the government’s recognition. This acknowledgment not only validates the sport but also provides the necessary support and resources to nurture and grow the sport in the country. With the federation’s commitment and the talent pool of fighters, Nigeria has the potential to become a force to be reckoned with in the world of mixed martial arts.

Fight Results

Fighter Result
John Smith Win
Sarah Johnson Loss
Michael Thompson Win

The Nigerian Mixed Martial Arts Federation is excited about the future and is determined to make the nation proud in international competitions. With the government’s recognition and support, the federation aims to elevate the sport to new heights and establish Nigeria as a powerhouse in mixed martial arts.