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Sean Strickland makes a case for receiving a Middleweight title shot

Sean Strickland makes a case for receiving a Middleweight title shot. Conor McGregor mocks Manny Pacquiao with facts. Eddie Hearn gives an update on Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou. Read more about the latest MMA news.

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The noted UFC Middleweight, Sean Strickland, proved his prowess once more with a superb second-round KO victory over Abus Magomedov at UFC Vegas 76. But, his post-UFC Vegas 76 talk show words implied that he wasn’t necessarily happy with the matchmaking in the Middleweight division. Strickland also pointed out a reason why he should get the title shot instead of the UFC 290 favorite, Robert Whittaker.

In his post-UFC Vegas 76 appearance, Strickland talked about the UFC 290 virtual title eliminator setup between Robert Whittaker and Dricus Du Plessis. He mentioned, “I think Whittaker’s going to walk through uh… uh… Dricus – Dricus, Dricus whatever. You know Whittaker’s going to walk through him”. This clearly means that Whittaker will move on to challenge the UFC Middleweight champ, Israel Adesanya, for the third time.

But Strickland said, “we’ve seen Izzy fight everybody. We’ve seen Izzy fight all the top guys. Let’s get some fresh blood in there. Let’s throw some new meat at him”. Most UFC fans know that Whittaker had picked defeats in both his attempts against Adesanya. Hence, a lot of them might agree with Strickland regarding this.

Conor McGregor intended to mock Manny Pacquiao with facts

After the fallout of the coveted boxing bout between the noted combat sport stars, Conor McGregor and Manny Pacquiao , both have turned bitter rivals. Adding to that, McGregor has also mocked Pacquiao multiple times after he refused to pay $8M to ‘Paradigm Sports’. But recently, McGregor took another fact-based shot at the Philippines native intending to belittle him.

Recently a post from an Instagram page called ‘thenotoriousmma_fighter’ revealed the number of strikes these two landed while they fought the famed undefeated boxer, Floyd Mayweather. The post showcased that ‘Mystic Mac’ had landed a total of 111 shots on ‘Money’ as compared to ‘PacMan’s’ 81 shots. McGregor also set this post as his Instagram story.

A large chunk of fans might see this as another attempt from McGregor to belittle Pacquiao. But do you think these types of jibes can finally lead to the two locking horns in a boxing ring?

Eddie Hearn gave an update on Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou

Most UFC fans are aware of Tyson Fury’s denial of stepping into a cage to fight the noted Jon Jones. Amid such situations, the famed boxing promoter, Eddie Hearn, recently revealed that Fury might be interested in taking on the former UFC Heavyweight champ, Francis Ngannou.

In a recent ‘Boxing Social’ YouTube video, Hearn answered one of the reporters who had a question about Fury vs Ngannou. He revealed, “This is what I’ve heard. It would be an exhibition”. This revelation from Hearn might have disheartened a number of fans as they were probably awaiting a real Fury vs Ngannou boxing match.

Hearn also expressed his own disappointment at these talks going on. The ‘UK-born promoter’ said, “Apparently. No knockdowns or anything… I don’t know… I’m only telling you what I’ve heard. Who knows what’s what. But, I think that is apparently what is going to be the next fight. Disappointing, but it is what it is.”

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