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Stipe Miocic’s Secret Earnings Revealed: Shocking UFC Fighter Payouts

Discover the shocking undisclosed earnings of Stipe Miocic and other UFC fighters. Unsealed documents reveal the massive sums involved in the sport, with CM Punk earning over $1 million for his debut. Explore the financial intricacies and statistics of the UFC’s payout system.

| Stipe Miocic earned a staggering $692,735 for his heavyweight title defense against Alistar Overeem at UFC 203.
| CM Punk cleared over $1 million for his Octagon debut in 2016.
| Miocic walked away with $125,000 following a fight with Junior dos Santos.
| From 2011-2016, the UFC reported a total compensation of $505,028,484.
| The lowest pay was $4,000, while the highest was $8,000,000.
| Mean Average: $100,925, Median Average: $29,000.

Stipe Miocic’s Secret Earnings: A Closer Look

Stipe Miocic, the legendary UFC heavyweight champion, recently had his undisclosed earnings from two separate bouts exposed. This revelation comes as a result of the unsealing of documents related to the UFC’s antitrust lawsuit. The financial details of 33 different fighters were revealed, shedding light on the massive sums of money involved in the sport.

CM Punk’s Million-Dollar Debut

One of the most surprising findings was the revelation that pro wrestling star CM Punk earned over $1 million for his Octagon debut in 2016. This staggering amount highlights the financial allure of the UFC and its ability to attract high-profile athletes from other disciplines.

Miocic’s Lucrative Title Defense

In the report, it was disclosed that Stipe Miocic earned a whopping $692,735 for his victorious heavyweight title defense against Alistar Overeem at UFC 203. While $650,000 of this amount had been previously disclosed, an additional $42,736 remained undisclosed until now. This substantial payout showcases the financial rewards that top-tier fighters can achieve in the UFC.

The Dos Santos Showdown

Another interesting revelation was Miocic’s $125,000 earnings from his bout with Junior dos Santos. Although the disclosed payout was $80,000, the unsealed documents unveiled an additional $45,000 in undisclosed earnings. This sheds light on the financial intricacies of the sport and the various compensation structures in place.

Shocking UFC Payout Statistics

Bloody Elbow’s Josh S. Nash delved deep into the unsealed documents to uncover some eye-opening statistics. From 2011 to 2016, a total of 5,004 bout compensations were recorded, amounting to a staggering $505,028,484 in total compensation. The lowest reported pay was a mere $4,000 for a fighter’s third bout in 2011, while the highest reported pay was an astonishing $8,000,000 for Brock Lesnar in 2016. The mean average compensation was $100,925, with a median average of $29,000.

For a detailed breakdown of the UFC’s reported payouts year by year, you can refer to this analysis.

This unprecedented look into the financial side of the UFC provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of professional mixed martial arts. It highlights the immense earning potential for top fighters and the financial complexities within the sport.