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The MMAFA Exposes UFC’s Exploitation of Fighters and Corruption

Discover how the MMAFA exposed the UFC’s exploitation of fighters and corruption within the sport of MMA. Learn about the organization’s goals and efforts for change.

The Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Association (MMAFA) recently made a powerful presentation at a meeting of the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC), shedding light on the UFC’s low revenue share and mistreatment of fighters. The MMAFA, an organization founded by lawyer Rob Maysey and consisting of former UFC fighters, accused the UFC of dominating the sport of MMA and profiting at the expense of its athletes.

According to the MMAFA, the UFC generates massive amounts of money while paying its fighters significantly less. In 2015, the promotion earned $609 million in revenue, but only shared around 19% of that with its fighters. Shockingly, in 2022, despite the UFC’s revenue skyrocketing to $1.14 billion, the percentage of revenue given to fighters dropped to approximately 13%. This means that as the UFC’s profits increased, the fighters’ share decreased.

The MMAFA also revealed that UFC fighter pay has been on a decline. In 2016, fighters received around $148 million, but by 2022, that number had decreased to an estimated $146 million. In comparison, the UFC reported a net profit of $387 million in 2022, surpassing the combined profits of all other MMA and boxing promotions. This stark contrast highlights the disparity between the UFC’s financial success and the inadequate compensation provided to its fighters.

The presentation further exposed the individuals who benefit the most from the UFC’s operations. The MMAFA claimed that UFC President Dana White, Endeavour CEO Ari Emanuel, and former ZUFFA owners Lorenzo Fertitta and Frank Fertitta have collectively earned more money than all fighters in UFC history combined. This revelation raises questions about the fairness and equity within the organization.

Moreover, the MMAFA delved into the corrupt practices employed by the UFC to maintain its dominance in the marketplace. The presentation highlighted instances where the promotion controlled its fighters and even pitted them against each other. One shocking example involved Gray Maynard disclosing that former UFC matchmaker Joe Silva instructed him to break Roger Huerta’s arm. Huerta, once a prominent figure in the sport, experienced a tumultuous relationship with the UFC, ultimately leading to his release from the company. These revelations shed light on the UFC’s questionable tactics and manipulation of its fighters.

The MMAFA argued that the UFC’s monopolization of the market has allowed it to operate more like a reality show than a legitimate sport. They accused the UFC of corruption, going as far as to claim that the promotion makes infamous boxing promoter Don King look like Santa Claus. These strong statements emphasize the MMAFA’s belief that the UFC’s actions undermine the integrity of MMA as a sport.

In conclusion, the MMAFA’s presentation at the ABC meeting exposed the UFC’s exploitative practices and corruption within the sport of MMA. The organization aims to represent all professional MMA fighters and coaches, advocating for better pay, fair contracts, and the prevention of promotions like the UFC from profiting off fighter names and likenesses without adequate compensation. The MMAFA’s efforts seek to bring about positive change and ensure a more equitable future for fighters in the world of MMA.

Key Points
The UFC generates massive revenue but pays fighters a decreasing percentage of it.
UFC fighter pay has declined despite the promotion’s increasing profits.
UFC President Dana White and other key figures have earned more money than all fighters combined.
The UFC has employed corrupt practices and manipulated its fighters.
The MMAFA aims to represent fighters and advocate for better pay and fair treatment.