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The Rise of Dana White’s Son in Boxing and Football

Discover the rise of Dana White’s son in boxing and football. Read about Aidan White’s journey as an amateur boxer and football player, and his father’s support and celebration of his achievements.

The Rise of Dana White’s Son in Boxing and Football

When the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) started in 1993, no one could have predicted its massive success. Under the leadership of Dana White, the UFC has become a multi-billion dollar business and the premier platform for mixed martial arts fighters. But it’s not just Dana White who has a passion for combat sports – his son Aidan White is following in his footsteps.

Born in July 2002, Aidan White is an amateur boxer and football player. In 2018, he made his boxing debut at the St. Patrick’s Day Boxing Show in the Junior Golden Gloves Division. Competing in the 130-pound weight class, Aidan secured a victory against Andre LeClerc, much to the pride of his father who was there to support him.

While Aidan has found success in the boxing ring, he also has a love for football. He played the sport for his high school and shares the same passion for competition as his elder brother, Dana White III, who is a football player for the San Diego Toreros. Dana III is known for his aggressive playing style and fighter instinct, traits that he may have inherited from his father.

Dana White, the President of the UFC, has always been supportive of his children’s interests and has celebrated their achievements. However, he has also faced criticism for his extravagant spending, such as the lavish birthday party he threw for Aidan, which cost over $1 million.

As for Dana White’s youngest child, Savannah White, not much is known about her as the millionaire keeps her out of the public eye.

While Aidan and Dana III have shown their passion for sports, it remains to be seen if they will ever step into the Octagon to compete in the UFC. For now, they are focused on their respective sports and following their own paths to success.

Boxing Match Results
Aidan White vs. Andre LeClerc
Winner: Aidan White

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