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Japanese MMA Legend ‘Sexyama’ Akiyama Showcases Acting Skills in Korean Action Series

Japanese MMA legend Yoshihiro ‘Sexyama’ Akiyama showcases his acting skills in the Korean action series ‘Family: The Unbreakable Bond.’ Discover how Akiyama impresses viewers with intense fight scenes and the potential to become a future action star.

Japanese MMA Legend ‘Sexyama’ Akiyama Showcases Acting Skills in Korean Action Series

Yoshihiro ‘Sexyama’ Akiyama, the renowned Japanese MMA fighter, has recently displayed his impressive acting chops in a Korean action-comedy-drama series. In the series titled ‘Family: The Unbreakable Bond,’ Akiyama stars as Gu In-Bo, a highly lethal target of the National Intelligence Service (NIS). The show follows the life of NIS agent Kwon Do-Hoon, played by Korean action star Jang Kyuk, as he navigates the challenges of being a secret agent and a family man.

Akiyama, who is known for his remarkable physicality and fighting skills, captivated viewers with his intense close-quarter fight scenes in the series. Despite being in his late 40s, Akiyama showcased the agility and prowess of a fighter half his age. His performance in the show left viewers impressed, with many praising his ability to sell punches and make the fight scenes believable.

The video clip featuring Akiyama’s fight scene with Jang Kyuk has garnered significant attention on social media platforms. Fans of both MMA and action films have expressed their excitement over Akiyama’s potential as a future action star. While other MMA fighters like Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson and Georges St-Pierre have ventured into the world of high-profile action films, Akiyama’s natural talent and on-screen presence make him a standout.

It’s worth noting that transitioning from real-life fighting to film fighting requires a unique set of skills. As Georges St-Pierre has previously acknowledged, the art of selling punches, timing, and creating believable fight sequences in movies is distinct from full-contact fighting. Akiyama’s seamless performance in ‘Family: The Unbreakable Bond’ indicates his potential to excel in the world of action films.

Despite his success in the acting realm, Akiyama remains committed to his MMA career. The Japanese MMA legend has expressed his intention to continue fighting until he reaches the age of 50. However, fans are eagerly anticipating the possibility of Akiyama pursuing a full-fledged career as an action star once he retires from professional fighting.

In conclusion, Yoshihiro ‘Sexyama’ Akiyama’s recent appearance in the Korean action-comedy-drama series ‘Family: The Unbreakable Bond’ has showcased his exceptional acting skills. Akiyama’s portrayal of the lethal NIS target Gu In-Bo impressed viewers with his ability to deliver intense fight scenes and make punches appear authentic. While he remains dedicated to his MMA career, Akiyama’s potential as a future action star has garnered considerable excitement among fans.